Fayetteville has a lot to offer its citizens. And each year Up & Coming Weekly likes to put the spotlight on the best of the best that Fayetteville has to offer. The Best of Fayetteville has come to be one of the most anticipated issues of the year. So it is with baited breath that readers are awaiting the release of the 2008 Best of Fayetteville in the Sept. 10 issue of Up & Coming Weekly.
    As in years past, we have been meticulous in our counting, and our writers are already at work putting together what we hope will be an entertaining and informative issue. You can wait by the racks to get your copy and peruse it at your leisure, but you can also join us for the Best of Fayetteville Winners Party on Wednesday, Sept. 10, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at IT’Z Entertainment City.
    “The Best of Fayetteville is always a great issue,” said Bill Bowman, publisher of Up & Coming Weekly. “It gives our readers a chance to let us know who’s going the extra mile in the community.
    “It’s important for us as a quality-of-life publication to be able to recognize those businesses, people, services and products that make our community unique because of their exceptional quality and presence in our community,” he continued.
    {mosimage}Bowman likened the Best of Fayetteville issue to a compass, noting that it gave readers the direction to head when they are looking for goods and services. “We go through great pains to be able to present our readers this list of the best,” he said. “Our readers depend on and trust our publication. It stands to reason that we do this and we do it right.”
    Another thing that Up & Coming Weekly does very well is throw a great party, and this year’s Best of party will be just that.
    “We’ve always had some sort of party to recognize our winners,” Bowman explained. “This year, we’re pulling out all of the stops.”
    The party, hosted by IT’Z will feature great food, music and prizes. WKML,  a station that has been known to take home more than a few Best of awards, will be on hand to spin the music during the party. And IT’Z, which has also been known to win, will provide the food.
    During the event the winners will be announced and awards will be presented. The event is open to all Up & Coming Weekly readers. After the main event, there will be an after party featuring The Embers, one of the nation’s best beach bands. “This is going to be one party you are not going to want to miss,” said Bowman.
    Bowman said that while much of the issue is fun, there are some categories that he finds of particular importance. “The categories that I look forward to seeing are the ones that reflect how the people feel about our county and city and the issues affecting it,” he said. “ I think the community is going to be pleasantly surprised when they find out how people feel about the events that are taking place in our community.”
    So grab your Up & Coming Weekly on Sept. 10, and then make tracks over IT’Z for a party that is sure to be the Best of.

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