{mosimage}Scarred for Life is a relatively new band on Fayetteville’s musical landscape. Made up of Kyle (Toadie)Thorp on vocals, Kevin Spencer on guitar, Tim Spencer on drums and Timothy Roberts on bass, the band hopes to bring its energy to clubs and venues near you.  
    Up & Coming Weekly is always excited to hear about new talent, so we took some time to find out about Scarred for Life.
    UCW: How did the band get its name?
    Scarred for Life: It refers both to a childhood experience shared by the guitarist and drummer and is a general reference to the things we’ve all faced growing up that shapes our development as adults.
    UCW: How would you describe the type of music you play?
    Scarred for Life: Hard edged rock with a touch of metal and pop!
    UCW:Is there any band (famous) that you relate to or that people compare you to?
    Scarred for Life: So far I haven’t had anyone compare us to anyone else, but I’m waiting!
    Who is your biggest musical influence?
    Scarred for Life: Everyone in the band has different influences and they all come together beautifully. The guitar player is into Ozzy, Guns ‘n Roses, Pink Floyd and a lot of those classic rock and metal bands. The singer is more into contemporary rock like Atreyu, Killswitch Engage and the newer stuff. Our rhythm section is into Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch and stuff like that. We all love Bobaflex and WE ALL LOVE SEVENDUST!!!!!
    UCW: Is music your only gig or does everybody have a day job and how does that affect the band?
    Scarred for Life: Guitar player is a concrete finisher and the vocalist works in food service. Bass player doing music full-time right now and so is the drummer.
    UCW: What is the weirdest gig you’ve ever played? What has been your favorite?
    Scarred for Life: Kill the Pig in Parkton was weird for us but it was a great time. It was outside and we were freezing!!! The PopEvil show at Jester’s Pub was probably our best show ever!
    UCW: Do you perform any original stuff and who writes it?
    Scarred for Life: We are an all original band and we all have a hand in writing. Some songs may fall more onto one member over another, but in the end it all goes into one big melting pot.
    UCW: How long has the band been together and where do you see the band six months from now?
    Scarred for Life: That’s hard to answer, it’s kinda’ complicated. The drummer and guitar player are brothers. We’ve been a team for a long time. We started playing with Tim Roberts, our bass player about 10 years ago. The three of us had played on and off in that time and we recently started playing together again,three years ago. We needed a vocalist and a good friend of ours named Jeff Brown of the band, Waist Deep Madness, put us in contact with Kyle. That was last August. We did our first show last October. So I would say that was when we became a band. So,we haven’t been at this long!
    UCW: How would you describe the Fayetteville music scene?
    Scarred for Life: I think it’s the best it’s ever been! There’s something for everyone here. The venues are great too. You don’t have to look far for a great band to listen to. You just have to get out and go see ‘um!

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