{mosimage}America loves the misadventures that frequently beset normal people in their daily lives. Even more engaging is the over-the-top misadventures – think Lucy and Ethel – that happen in the lives of some people. That misadventure is the type of farce that leaves us in stitches. On Friday, Nov. 7, the Cape Fear Regional Theatre will bring a beloved farce to the stage as Lend Me a Tenor opens.
    Bo Thorp, the artistic director of the theatre, is excited about the opportunity to direct the show. “It is absolutely so funny,” said Thorp. “It is such a well-crafted play. Farces are very often cheap material, but that isn’t the case with this play. It’s a classic. It truly is.”
    The play written by Ken Ludwig, focuses on the arrival of a great tenor at the Cleveland Grand Opera. The organizers of the event are so excited about his arrival that they bend over backwards to ensure that all will go well – until a crisis happens.
    “The crisis is so improbable, which is the case with most farces,” explained Thorp. “The stage is surrounded by six doors and the trick is to try and get in one and get out the next without anyone seeing each other.”
    The story revolves around a gastrointestinal problem the tenor has. Upon his arrival, all he wants to do is take a nap, instead he argues with his wife, who leaves abruptly, further upsetting the tenor. Everyone wants to be helpful and tries to give him a little bit of something to make him feel better – a little more relaxed.     The problem is that everybody gives him a little something, which knocks him out. Then the madness ensues.
    “It’s a kind of sexy play,” continued Thorp. “a little naughty.”
    This isn’t the first time Tenor has been on stage at the CFRT. It first debuted 18 years ago. “We haven’t done a farce for quite some time,” continued Thorp. “This is the best one that I know. There are a number of Neil Simon farces that are quite good, but this is the best one out there, so I thought ‘Let’s do this one.’”
Her affection and knowledge of the play allowed Thorp to cast it almost immediately, and with people who are well-known to the theatre’s audiences. “If I ever brag about myself about anything, I have to say it is that my casting is very good,” said Thorp. “That’s when I’m at my best.”
    She think she’s outdone herself on this cast. “This is an excellent cast. So it’s not only a well-crafted play, but the actors know how to use the material. All eight of the actors are capable of the comedy,” she said. “Comedy is a different thing than a drama or a musical. It’s dependent on people who are capable of humor.”
    The play runs through Nov. 23, with tickets ranging in price from $17 to $23. Tickets may be purchased by calling the Cape Fear Regional Theatre’s Box Office at 910-323-4233 or via the Web site at www.cfrt.org.

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