The name itself may confuse you. I mean Worth Dying For — what do you consider worth dying for? For a group of musicians from California, their belief in God and their passionate desire to worship him falls into that category.
    Formed in Modesto, Calif., the band began performing at Calvary Temple’s weekly youth event, “The Stadium.” The group sees its calling to awaken today’s youth from a state of lethargy and despair that seem pandemic. The band sees its work as more of a mission than music, but they tend to let their music talk for itself.
    {mosimage}Released this spring, Worth Dying For’s self-titled debut marks the national launch of a movement destined to impact youth culture in a whole new way. Featuring 15 pop/rock anthems and impassioned ballads, the debut CD draws heavily on themes that define the band’s mission: infiltrate, destroy [the darkness] and rebuild today’s youth culture.
    “Jesus Christ and music are the two things that consume the thoughts and lives of this band,” said Sean Loche, one of two lead vocalists in Worth Dying For. “Combine the two, and you get what we love to do: worship. We are ordinary people who have a desire to show others how to fall in love with God in a deeper, more passionate way. The music that God has used us to write has changed our youth ministry and our city. Now, God has put it on our hearts to let these songs resonate in the hearts of the young people across this nation.”
    Josh O’Haire, the band’s 20-year-old drummer adds: “Everything we’re doing from the ministry to the music, we want it to make an impact on this generation. We see so many young kids each week … so much that they go through. Broken homes, depression, suicide. In mentoring them, I’ve seen how they feel like they’re not a part of something… Our goal is to give them hope and something to be a part of, something real.”
    “Our dream is to see lives changed,” Loche continues, “to ignite and empower them to go out and do big things… It’s not just about us playing songs, but helping them connect, letting a revolution begin with them.”
Many of WDF’s songs are born in personal times of worship, time alone spent with God in prayer and study.
    “The biggest place we’re seeing growth as a band is lyrically,” Micah says.  “As we keep growing in God, he begins to give us even deeper, more mature songs. ‘At Your Cross’ is a great example. I’d been praying for a song to take us past the level we were used to, a song that would tap into a deeper presence.” He says the song spontaneously came to him at a youth camp during a worship service. Not forced or planned, but a natural result of being ‘at worship.’ 
    In these and all their songs, the band says, that their mission is front and center.
    “Our message is: The revolution is you… one person standing up for Christ,” Loche continues. “We have a different sense of Christianity than some do. We talk about duty, the forces of darkness and spiritual warfare, and we try to empower our kids, not to sit back but to engage, to stand up and realize that when they do that, they are empowered by the king of kings to fight the darkness. With Jesus on their side, nothing can stand against them…”
    Worth Dying For will lead the worship during the Creation Festival: The Tour, a two-month, 30+ city tour that features some of Christian music’s top acts. 
    Nick Kulb, Executive Producer, Creation Festival: The Tour states, “We are very excited to have Worth Dying For on Creation Festival: The Tour with us this fall. We had a blast getting to know them at the festivals this summer and we’re looking forward to not only an amazing worship time each evening, but also a lot of fun off-stage as well.”
    Worth Dying For will be joined by Kutless, Thousand Foot Krutch, Pillar, KJ-52, Fireflight, Run Kid Run, Esterlyn, Capital Lights and guest speaker Bob Lenz at the Crown Coliseum on Thursday, Nov. 6 at 6 p.m.     Tickets range in rice from $25 to $38 and may be purchased at the Crown Box Office or all Ticketmaster outlets. For more information, visit

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