{mosimage}Midnight To Twelve has been getting a lot of attention lately. The first song off their self-titled album, “Slam,” his climbed the charts, and got a lot of media buzz following its airing on the show One Tree Hill.
    With or without the television buzz, it appears that the CD and the group have the potential to be BIG, REALLY BIG.
    Local residents will get a chance to judge the group for themselves, as the band makes its Fayetteville debut at Jester’s Pub on Saturday, Nov. 22. The band will share the stage with Nonpoint, 12 Stones and Anew Revolution.
    The group, formed in Los Angeles in 2000. A quote from a Roman philosopher, Seneca, seems to define their rise in the music industry: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
The band, based in Southern California, and made up of Jon Hartman (vocals), Al Baca (bass), Steve Oliver (keyboards), Daniel Jordan (guitar) and Drew Molleur (drums) believes strongly in making their own luck, mainly through hard work.
    From Southern California by way of Iowa (Hartman) and Oklahoma (Molleur) with a stop in Nashville for Barca and Hartman, the band took full shape after meeting Oliver through a friend and Jordan through the classifieds, the band added Molleur and the time was right to get things going.  Finding the right name took a long time for the rockers — the idea for Midnight to Twelve came when discussing the shift Barca was working in order to make time to write and rehearse with his bandmates.
    Always willing to do the hard work involved in establishing themselves in a competitive market like LA, the band played all around town, slowly building their audience.
    “Our motto was, whether the audience was five people or 5,000, they got the same show,” says Hartman.  Eventually the band was headlining Saturday nights and selling out storied clubs like the Roxy. Midnight to Twelve sold 13,000 copies of its previous independently-made recording out of its tour bus.
    Along the way, the band made fans and friends who were eager to spread the good word.  One such fan worked on One Tree Hill.  The producers of the show heard the single “Slam,” and put it on the show right away.  Seeing a way to take the exposure one step further, the band made it known on the show’s message board that they would give away CD singles to anyone who signed up for their e-mail list.  A barrage of Hill fans obliged.
    “I was up all night collecting addresses, and sent out 600 singles the next day — I spent a whole paycheck on postage,” Baca explained.
    They are hoping to add to their fan base when they play in Fayetteville, make a trip to Jester’s and see if you can get sold on Midnight To Twelve.

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