So, you’ve just returned from deployment and have a little extra cash to spare. What to do? For many soldiers, the answer is purchasing a motorcycle. Before you make that purchase, it’s important to know the rules and regulations governing the riding of motorcycles on Fort Bragg.
    So, here’s a primer on all of the regs that might apply to you:
    {mosimage}Operators of Government–owned and privately owned motorcycles (both street and off–highway versions) on Army installations must be appropriately licensed to operate on public highways.
    Where state or local laws applicable to the installation require special licenses to operate privately ownedmotorcycles, motorized bicycles (mopeds), motor scooters or all–terrain vehicles (ATVs), such license requirements, ata minimum, shall be required for operation of those vehicles on Army installations.
    Motorcycle riders who operate motorcycles on or off post must comply with the skills training, licensing andpermit requirements of their state.
Motorcycle Training
    Prior to operation of any motorcycle, Army personnel will successfully complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) or MSF–based approved motorcycle rider safety course.
    Anyone who operates a motorcycle on an Army installation, to include government–owned motorcycles, must successfully complete a MSF–based rider safety course, or present documentation of previous attendance.
    The Army standard motorcycle rider’s course is an MSF–based Basic Rider Course (BRC). There is also an Experienced Rider Course in addition to the BRC, but not in lieu of the BRC. The ERC is designed to provide additional highway safety skills for experienced motorcycle riders. Anyone who has documentation of prior completion of theERC will be in compliance with the Army standard for motorcycle training and will not be required to attend the BRC.
    Licensed motorcycle operators who have not yet completed the training requirements may operate their motorcycle to travel to the rider course training site. When the training is offered on an Army installation, the licensed operator may enter the installation for the sole purpose of attending the course. The rider will have documentation in their possession to show the date of the course.
    For more information about the course, visit the Fort Bragg Web site at

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