Won’t Slow Down Till the Wheels Stop Moving

That pretty much sums up this gang of do it yourselfers from West Virginia known as The Fox Hunt. Since 2007 these boys have been building up steam and takin' to the road like true warriors. And now after only three years, The Fox Hunt has cut through the heart of the country state by state, appearing at endless venues, performing at numerous festivals, making countless friends, and in the meantime, releasing what will be their fourth album consisting of all original material. These boys are for real. They are fueled by passion and driven by the music. It won't be long before they work their way into the hearts, minds and voices of every listener.11_25_09fox-hunt.jpg

The Fox Hunt is an all original four-piece string band playing acoustic roots music through a single mic. They have been called a bluegrass band, a rock band, a country band, a punk band, you name it. When you see them you will understand why. Their roots go in all directions. They have a rough-and-rowdy stage presence accompanied with the traditional instrumentation of guitar, upright bass, mandolin, fiddle and banjo. They are constantly trading off roles by switching up instruments, exchanging vocals or harmonizing in the background, all while weaving in and out to a single mic. The instrumentation is characteristic of old time string music, early country and sometimes rock. Their songwriting is clever and creative and quickly captures the attention of every listener. When combining it all you get the bright harmonies of the acoustic melodies fused with the rough and smoky rock and roll style of the lyrical arrangements.

Serving up dirt-laden tales of substance abuse, lonely highways, infidelity, damnation and redemption, Martinsburg, W.V.'s The Fox Hunt plays a brand of music anyone can identify with. Their strong writing and instrumentation is rounded out by a raucous live performance, making them as comfortable in a rowdy punk rock bar as they would be on your back porch.

The band features Matt Kline on bass and guitar. John Miller also plays bass and guitar, while Ben Townsend rounds out their sound on the banjo and the fiddle. Matt Metz is featured on the mandolin and banjo. All of the band members contribute vocally.

Since 2007 the band has produced four albums, Nowhere Bound which was released in 2007. America's Working So We Don't Have To, and The Fox Hunt EP were bother released in 2009 and their current album is Long Way To Go.
To learn more abut them go to www.thefoxhunt.net or www.myspace.com/lefoxhunt

Check them out at the Rock Shop on Dec. 9 at 9 p.m.

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