Do you remember the old home remedies that your mother insisted were the next best things to a divine healing? Castor oil was the number one01-20-10-faces-of-faith.gif choice around my house because of its “cleansing” powers. A big dose — if I could swallow it — was what my mother thought I needed to rid me of all ailments and prevent me from having to pay a visit to the family doctor.

Doctors are wonderful people and I thank God for those who were an extension of my mother’s home remedies and who provided excellent care throughout my life. Dr. Janine Scott- Lowe, a family practice doctor at the Robinson Health Clinic on Fort Bragg, has provided excellent medical care to military families since 2004. Many of her patients are spouses and children of deployed soldiers. Along with their medical needs they are often dealing with depression and other stress-related issues. As a result, she feels the need to be emotionally and spiritually armored in order to be equipped to handle the needs of her patients.

Since moving to Fayetteville from Connecticut in 1996 to complete her residency, Scott-Lowe has experienced her share of rejection in four significant areas: ageism (because she’s young), sexism (because she’s a woman), racism (because she’s African-American) and cultural issues (because she’s from the north). She also experienced the pain of divorce and having her focus shift to the emotional challenges of being a single, working mother. Her thoughts were also on her patients and their emotional needs as well as how she could find ways to be encouraged in the Lord.

In 2004, Scott-Lowe began sending out encouraging writings via email to about 15-20 under the ministry name of “His Hands Extended Online” as a way to uplift her and others in the Lord. A web site ministry entitled,All Things Encouraging (allthingsencouraging. com) was developed and is made up of His Hands Extended Online, Nuggets of Inspirations, Thoughts of inspirations, divine inspirations in prayer and the encouraging “Songs that got Momma over.”

To date, All Things Encouraging reaches countless people with encouraging words from the Word of God. Scott-Lowe has also authored two books entitled Reflections and Inspirations published by Xulon Press which are compilations of her online ministry. She is currently working on two new books which will be released by Cranberry Quill Publishing.

Scott-Lowe loves her profession but she sees her work as a means to fund her calling. She is committed to her ministry’s work and advancing the kingdom of God. She loves the Lord and knows that it’s through him that she and countless others have found strength. “Jesus is our hope. When we see things coming against us, we need a refuge.” This column is about people in our community who live their faith daily. If you know someone who you like to see featured, please contact:

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