07AgenciesPrivate and non-profit agencies that provide valuable services to the community are often referred to by local governments as “outside agencies.” 

They offer services that are aligned with city and county strategic plans but are not part of the government. Over time, these offices have become at least partially dependent on some government funding. Many of them also receive funds from the Cumberland County United Way. 

The annual budget process can be disappointing for the outsiders as city and county governing boards deal with revenue deficits and downturns in tax receipts. Cumberland County Manager Amy Cannon has proposed 15 percent cuts in current fiscal year appropriations for the 21 agencies receiving support from the county. 

Fayetteville’s Airborne & Special Operations Museum, which is owned by the U.S. Army but funded by a private foundation, received $200,000 from the county this year. The contribution would be reduced to $170,000 if county commissioners approve the community funding budget as submitted. Smaller offices, like the Contact telephone crisis hotline, would lose $1,000 of its $6,874 budget. The Cumberland County Veterans Council received $7,000 this year and would lose $1,050 next year. The Center for Economic Empowerment and Development, would lose $1,600 in the year ahead.

In all, county government provides nearly $789,000 to local agencies which would be cut by $117,500 in FY18. The City of Fayetteville is not proposing any budget cuts for the outsiders.

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