16Cindy L MurrayMonday, Oct. 9, the Town of Hope Mills held its monthly town meeting. Mayor Jackie Warner called the meeting to order and Reverend Mike Wells of Hope Mills Church of God led the invocation.

Scott Garner of Garner & Brown Architects PA from Charlotte, North Carolina, presented to the Board of Commissioners the plans for the Public Safety Facility Project. According to Garner, the facility will be complete in two-and-a-half years or more. The Public Safety Facility, which would house the Hope Mills Fire Department and the Hope Mills Police Department, will be built in the location where the departments are now. The BOC authorized Town Manager Melissa Adams to retain Garner & Brown Architects PA for its services and approved them to move forward on designing and building the facility.

Mayor Warner presented a certificate of recognition to Cindy L. Murray for employment with the Town of Hope Mills for 37 years. 

Mayor Warner and the BOC approved to establish Oct. 9 as PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day. PANDAS is pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associate with streptococcal infections and is a subset of PANS, or pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome. The mayor read an explanation of PANDAS/PANS: “The diagnosis means the child has a sudden, dramatic change in personality, displays obsessive-compulsive disorder together with accompanying symptoms of streptococcal, viral or bacterial infection.”

She then presented a Certificate of  Proclamation to Jennifer Woods.

Royal Presentations

Amaya Rae received a certificate of recognition for her accomplishment of receiving the 2017-18 title of Little Miss Fayetteville State University.

The Miss Hope Mills Cotton Pageant queens were also recognized and will represent Hope Mills at various events in the upcoming year, such as Ole Mills Days, the Christmas parade and the 4th of July parade.

The first to be recognized was 3-year-old Harper Sullivan, daughter of Rachel Arnold. She was crowned 2017 Hope Mills Wee Miss Cotton and Miss Photogenic.

McKala Sallie, daughter of Carlton and Michele Sallie, was recognized for being crowned 2017 Hope Mills Junior Miss Cotton.

Jada Thomas, daughter of David and Dorothy Thomas, was recognized as 2017 Hope Mills Young Miss Cotton.

Amanda Hall, daughter of Ron and Nola Hall, was recognized as 2017 Hope Mills Teen Miss Cotton.

Bailey Haggins, daughter of Jamie and Jennifer Haggins, was recognized as 2017 Hope Mills Miss Cotton. Each received a certificate.

Change in Direction

Drivers in Hope Mills can expect a change in the traffic pattern for Johnson Street and Hill Street. Public Works Director Hector Cruz explained the safety issues with changing the pattern from a two-way on Johnson to a one-way direction. The traffic pattern would be reversed on Hill Street. It would still be a one-way, but traffic would flow towards Rockfish Road rather than away from Rockfish Road.

Cruz anticipates traffic flow to be smoother and with less chance of accidents.  These changes will also allow for a sidewalk. The start date is to be determined. 

A Very Special Thank You

Elaine Saleeby and her late husband were recognized by the mayor for their contributions to the town. Saleeby has given a generous donation of her land off of Fountain Lane to the Town of Hope Mills. The land, which includes a mill house with the true Mill Stamp, will be part of Hope Mills Lake Park and possibly Heritage Park.


PHOTO: Cindy L. Murray & Mayor Warner


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