11 FTCC test prepStudents often ask the question, “How does one prepare for the placement test?” FTCC offers the North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement Test, which measures a student’s current academic ability. Test results determine if a student is ready for college-level courses or needs to enroll in pre-curriculum courses.

The unfortunate reality is that most students do not prepare for the placement test; they just show up. Failure to do well on the NC DAP has consequences because pre-curriculum courses delay completion, eat up financial aid and are not creditbearing courses.

FTCC recommends students prepare by completing a free online practice test called the NC DAP Longsdale. Students may also enroll in a face-to-face workshop with FTCC’s College and Career Readiness office. For the learner who prefers personal interaction with a teacher, these options have proven effective. Students may also take home study guides, which are also available at the Tony Rand Student Center. Practice tests have proven to increase test scores and reduce test anxiety.

There is no golden rule concerning how much time is required to prepare for the placement test, but FTCC recommends that students allow at least a week or more to prepare for any test or exam. On test day, students should eat a good breakfast following a good night of rest and arrive prepared to do their best.

Students also employ rituals, such as utilizing a special pencil, wearing clothing items they perceive to be lucky, etc., to bring them good luck on testing day. Some students also use spiritual preparation, such as chanting, meditating, fasting or praying to help them achieve success with testing. Students also find that yoga and Pilates help provide a sense of calmness and relaxation prior to taking the test. Other forms of preparation include walking, jogging or vigorous physical activity, which raise your heart rate, decrease stress and increase alertness. However, FTCC advises students not to overdo physical activity prior to taking a test to avoid fatigue, which can cause oversleeping and drowsiness.

On test day, students should arrive at the test location 15-30 minutes early to locate the designated room for testing. Test-takers must present a government- issued picture identification card (driver’s license, state ID, passport or tribal ID) for entry. Current FTCC students may use the FTCC ID when re-testing. About 25 percent of students who take the placement test forget the required ID, which can result in panic and anxiety.

Once a student has completed the test, he or she will receive test results immediately. Students learn if they need additional preparation or if they may proceed with registering for classes. An FTCC advisor or counselor is available to assist students with the next steps.

Students may take the NC DAP at the Tony Rand Student Center at the Fayetteville campus, at the Spring Lake Campus and at the Fort Bragg Training and Education Center. FTCC offers testing daily, and students may schedule an appointment or simply walk in. FTCC provides accommodations for students with special needs. Testing is also available for online or distance education students.

Call 910-678-8417 or visit FTCC to begin your new journey to a better future through education.

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