06GreyhoundGreyhound Lines has abandoned its decades-old terminal on Person Street in downtown Fayetteville after deciding to consolidate its service at the new FAST Transit Center.

A wing of the transit center, which will accommodate Greyhound, was left vacant until completion of the main building. The city of Fayetteville is saving about $250,000 by delaying construction of the interior of that wing.

It was not part of the $12,071,138 original building project awarded to Construction Systems, Inc. of Fayetteville.

“Greyhound did not decide to be part of the new center until after the construction contract with CSI was awarded,” said Transit Director Randy Hume. “We attempted to add the Greyhound renovation work to the CSI contract, but their proposal for the change order was too costly.”

The Construction Systems, Inc. proposal was $551,405, and the city decided to seek separate bids.

Greyhound’s decision to lease space at the transit center was worth waiting for. Bids for finishing the Greyhound wing were received in January. A contract was awarded to Hayes, Inc. of Fayetteville for $317,000, representing a savings of $234,405.

Hume said completion of the interior of the wing is underway and should be completed in 90 days.

Greyhound Lines is an intercity bus common carrier serving more than 3,800 destinations across North America. It has been designated six bus bays for the use of its coaches and those of its subsidiaries.

Greyhound won’t begin making its full monthly lease payments until the renovations are finished in mid-June. But the city will still receive the same number of rental payments over the 10-year lease period. Beginning in July, Greyhound will pay the city $5,365 per month for the first five years. The lease payment will go up by 5 percent per year thereafter, Hume said.

Greyhound’s temporary ticket counter is in the main lobby near the Franklin Street main entrance of the transit center. That space will eventually be dedicated to food service. A request for proposals seeks responses from business people who may be interested in operating a small restaurant.

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