11FTCCA college education is key to a better future. Some individuals spend many years receiving an education. Others receive an education quickly to begin or enhance employment experiences. Whether it’s through a degree, diploma or certificate, anyone can choose the path to lay the foundation of their future through education.

Consider this scenario: No one in your family has completed college. You wonder what college is all about, and you are a little nervous. You feel you are stepping into uncharted waters. You may feel like life is passing you by. You may wonder if you will ever dig yourself out of a bad situation, or you may feel you are stuck in the same job at the workplace.

Fayetteville Technical Community College offers an answer. By going to college and earning a degree, diploma or certificate, your life could be on the fast track for making a change for the better.

For those unsure of what type of work they might enjoy or what program of study to choose, FTCC has another answer — Career Coach. This tool provides a free career assessment so people can learn about themselves. Career Coach offers career suggestions based on the person’s interests.

If the cost of attending college is a concern, prospective students can complete the FAFSA application toapply for financial aid. FTCC also offers 117 scholarship opportunities as well as grants, loans and work-study programs. An entire staff works hard to help qualified students receive money to cover tuition and books.

FTCC has also begun a new initiative called First Year Connections. This program uses a team approach in supporting first-year, first generation students. FTCC staff provide the personalized assistance students need to begin and stay focused on goals.

FTCC also offers a dedicated team that supports students (day, evening, and online) with physical, psychological or learning disabilities. Students needing this support simply request accommodation and provide appropriate documentation pertaining to the disability or disabilities.

At FTCC, we believe in helping first-year, first-generation college students blossom through the care and attention of advisors, mentors and peer counselors at the First Year Connections office. Advising, tutoring and mentoring are helpful in reducing anxiety and stress and promoting student success.

Start on the path to a brighter future during 2019. Admissions representatives and counselors are on call to assist students with applications, program selection and registration. Registration for classes is currently underway.

Call FTCC at 910-678-8400 or visit the Fayetteville, Spring Lake or Fort Bragg campus locations for face-toface assistance.

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