08 Friends of the NRAThe Cape Fear Friends of National Rifle Association will host the Annual Banquet and Auction Saturday, March 14, at 4 p.m. at Paradise Acres Event Center, 1965 John McMillan Rd., Hope Mills. There will be a raffle, auction and, of course, great food.

“We are family friendy,” said Tony Forte, committee chairmen. “We are apolitical. Our issue is putting funds into programs that keep shooting sports safe and renewable.”
Friends of NRA is the fundraising program under the NRA Foundation. Cumberland and Harnett counties provide a grassroots effort to ensure the future of safe, responsible firearms ownership and participation in shooting sports. The event also helps raise money, in particular, for funding youth safety programs in eastern North Carolina. The organization hosts youth competitions, training and safety courses and provides scholarships to help ensure the future of shooting sports for America’s young people.  

“Some of the things that excite me is we have more and more success locally with programs,” said Forte. “The Eddy Eagle gun safety program teaches that guns are not toys and that kids should ‘Stop. Don’t touch, Run away and tell an adult.’  I am excited to see what the Fayetteville Police Department is doing with Eddie Eagle and Operation Ceasefire. We support those programs. We support 4-H, sharpshooter clubs, the scouts. You name the group, and if they are eligible to receive a nonprofit grant, we do everything we can to ensure — if they mmeet the requirements — that we get them something. Last year, we had  $750,000 in grant requests. We were able to support $250,000. The demand for educatioon and safety programs is insatiable.”

The Friends of NRA was founded in 1992, and the Cumberland and Harnett Committee started in 1994. Over the years, this one committee has paid out more than $ 1 million in North Carolina.
The Friends of NRA provides a united front to secure the Second Amendment and raise money for the shooting sports. Across the country, more than 13,000 volunteers work tirelessly to make these events happen with the generosity of attendees and donors who support their efforts.

“We are a zero sum charity,” said Forte. Eeverything we bring in goes back as grants. We are all volunteers. The committee tries to limit our overhead to less than 1%.”
There is something for everyone at a Friends of NRA event. From the moment you walk in, the atmosphere is brimming with excitement, and they will make sure you have a good time. Not to mention all the great people you’ll meet in the process.

Forte added that the auction items include several firearms, and other items like luggage and outdoor equipment.

“If you are serious about youth safety and firearms,” said Forte. “Outside the political arena, there’s one known resource to
get that done, and it is the NRA foundation.”

 Contact Tony Forte at 254-289-9738, Jerry Parsek at 910-309-9755 or Don Talbot at 910-977-7776 for more information. Purchase tickets online at https://www.friendsofnra.org/eventtickets/Events/Details/34?eventId=57226, or visit the  Facebook page, “Cape Fear Friends of NRA.” The group also has a sponsorship and underwriting program. Donations are always welcomed and are tax-deductible.

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