07 jp valery lVFoIi3SJq8 unsplashThe angel investment network VentureSouth is bringing its 14th branch to Fayetteville to offer resources to local investors.

“Now, more than ever, we need fresh ideas from entrepreneurs,” said Marty Cayton, VentureSouth Fayetteville director. Cayton is a local angel investor and owner of Fayetteville-based TeamLogic IT of Eastern N.C.

“In addition to a full-time team to manage the process, the attractiveness of VentureSouth’s model is that it leverages the collective expertise of 300+ angel investors who screen potential opportunities and conduct professional due diligence,” Cayton said.

With a model that has proven to be effective in various other locations, the team at the company expects the angel investment group will help culture the perfect environment for starting and growing new businesses. VentureSouth has helped numerous companies through its other branches already and plans to make a beneficial impact on Fayetteville. Across the board, the network has over 300 members who have invested $50 million and upward of 70 companies in the Southeast, to include operations reaching throughout the Carolinas.

In fact, the firm’s investments in high-profile companies have been key to securing substantial returns for its investors.

As far as Managing Director Charlie Banks is concerned, now is the perfect time for VentureSouth to come to Fayetteville. He has high hopes for the good that the network will bring to the economy here. “History has proven that many of the country’s most successful companies were born during peculiar economic times,” Banks said. “Thus, given the current environment, there will be significant opportunities for investors to gain exposure to many exciting, high-growth companies. There is an obvious energy here, so Fayetteville is a perfect fit for VentureSouth. We feel as if our professional process and regional deal pipeline for investors will be a welcomed addition to the ecosystem.”

Becoming a member offers several benefits. Members gain access to VentureSouth’s educational curriculum, get connected with experienced investors and get to learn about new technology, business models and other entrepreneurs throughout the region, not to mention being presented with investment opportunities, all by simply paying a membership fee for the year.

Throughout the summer and fall, VentureSouth will have educational and informational sessions for people who want to know more about what the network has to offer. Visit www.venturesouth.vc/venturesouth-fayetteville to learn more about membership and the sessions. For additional information, contact Charlie Banks at 803-414-6702 or charlie@venturesouth.vc or Marty Cayton at 910-237-2640 or marty@venturesouth.vc.

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