11 ITThe year 2020 has shown us that information technology jobs will not only sustain during hard times such as these but will remain in high demand. Experiencing a pandemic is something I do not think any of us would have ever thought we would see in our lifetime. Some of us hold positions that are considered essential and are thankfully able to continue to work during the shutdown. Some of us hold positions that allow us to work from home without skipping a beat. Positions in information technology are both essential and flexible enough to allow people to work from home. According to National Public Radio in an article published on May 8, about a third of the American population is now working from home due to COVID-19. Information technology specialists are needed now more than ever before to help make these transitions possible for many industries.

There have been tons of data collected on COVID-19 and its affects across the world. This data can help scientists understand how the virus is spreading, symptoms associated with it and preventive measures to safeguard the population. Data has even helped to predict spikes and drops in the rate of infection. Because of this data, every day we can view up-to-date statistics on the virus. That data and those statistics are what decision-makers use when tough choices must be made. The world needs specialized technicians to manage this data. What we are experiencing has further illustrated the need for information technology specialists in the areas of PC support and services as well as database management.

At Fayetteville Technical Community College, faculty and staff worked hard throughout the pandemic to continue to deliver high-quality educational experiences for our students. This was made possible by the use of technology, which allowed our faculty members to deliver online instruction and our staff to work remotely from home. Staff also worked in computer labs, the Student Learning Center and the Paul H. Thompson Library to maintain support of our students’ needs. We are proud that we have been able to continue working to serve you throughout the pandemic.

FTCC offers programs in information technology that can lead to careers as technology and data specialists. Both careers are proven to have continuous high demand and longevity even in times of turmoil and recession. Please contact me at sobersto@faytechcc.edu or 910-678-7365 for information on earning a degree in PC support and services or database management. For information on all the programs of study available at FTCC,  visit www.faytechcc.edu. Fall classes begin Aug. 17, and registration for fall classes is going on now.  You can begin your journey to a rewarding, in-demand career in information technology at Fayetteville Technical Community College — the smart choice for education.  

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