07 Market House in Fayetteville NCThe mayor has said the protest in area of the downtown Market House has gone on long enough and that it is no longer safe for the demonstrators or the motoring public. 

“They’re in the middle of a four-way intersection in a traffic circle, which is definitely not safe for them or others,” he said. Colvin has offered the demonstrators several alternative locations where they could continue to exercise their right to protest. “The police chief and the city attorney’s office basically know what the law is and ... it’s just like any other matter with the police department.” 

As of this writing in a rapidly developing issue, protestors have agreed with the mayor, that enough is enough for now. Leaders of the movement disbanded the encampment on the Green Street side of the Market House, and demonstrators have left. They say they will continue monitoring demands they have made of the city police department but are grateful that city council has taken them seriously. 

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