12 N1604P37012CThe pandemic has taught us the importance of maintaining our skills and learning new technologies, processes and software. Fayetteville Technical Community College is the perfect place to help you stay connected to something positive while pursuing your dreams through education.

You can begin a path to a new or enhanced career in office administration. FTCC’s office administration program is designed to teach you skills, such as office procedures, customer service, text entry and computer applications, including word processing. Employers today are looking for individuals who can effectively and efficiently manage an office with professionalism. Learning and improving these skills can help you acquire the best opportunities.

FTCC's office administration program has three tracks — general office administration, legal office and office finance. Each track has classes specific to its area and is designed to ensure the best preparation for your desired employment. You will learn both technical and soft skills. To view the office programs offered, go to faytechcc.edu and enter “office administration” as a search term. 

FTCC offers a variety of methods and schedules for classes — seated, online and virtual. Virtual classes are a great alternative to coming to campus. The classes meet online during the week, and you are able to communicate face-to-face with your instructor and classmates in real time. Virtual classes are a perfect alternative for learning if you need to stay home, travel, balance work schedules or just prefer your own location while enjoying the interaction of a live class. Additionally, the office administration program offers a work-based learning option that allows you to earn college credit while gaining work experience. 

Remote and virtual office workers proved to be extremely valuable during the recent pandemic. They were able to maintain employment by completing their work from home while taking care of their families. Companies were able to count on these remote workers to keep businesses operating.

Graduates of the office administration program can expect employment opportunities in a wide variety of businesses. The possibilities for employment are endless, and your skills are marketable anywhere. You can take them with you if you relocate. As an added bonus, many of the jobs available in these areas provide paths for advancement. You can become a vital part of a business team and use the professional skills you learn. Enroll in the office administration program at FTCC today.
Financial aid, scholarships and loan options are available if you are qualified. If you have been thinking about starting or returning to school, now is the perfect time. FTCC will assist you every step of the way, from submitting your application to applying for graduation. Fall semester begins Aug. 17. 

Applying is fast, easy and can be completed online: https://www.faytechcc.edu/apply-now/ftcc-admissions/.

If you are interested in a career in office administration, or if you have questions, please contact me at faganl@faytechcc.edu or  910-678-8361. Start plans today for your new career in office administration!

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