15 virtual ddeviceOn Oct. 8, Fayetteville Technical Community College hosted College Transfer Day via a virtual platform. While this year’s event looked slightly different than years past, the Office of University Outreach adapted and was pleased to continue this opportunity for FTCC students.

College Transfer Day serves as an avenue to promote the transferability of students’ community college academic credits to public and private four-year colleges and universities.

College Transfer Day represents an important opportunity for students to connect with other college representatives to receive answers to questions regarding admissions requirements, programs of study, and financial aid processes. The ability to connect with a multitude of educational representatives at the same time is a valuable and convenient resource for students.

The process of transferring to another college is not identical to applying to college for the first time. While a student’s high school transcript and SAT/ACT scores may be reviewed, these items typically take a back seat to the academic college transcript that a student has earned at the community college level. Students need to be cognizant in earning strong grades if they hope to stand out in the application process utilized by some extremely competitive transfer programs. The community college student’s academic college transcript will be reviewed more rigorously than the high school transcript.

College Transfer Day presented by University Outreach is a great way for students to learn about each school’s unique policies and deadlines. Transfer students need to be mindful of adhering to a university’s specific deadlines, a contrast to the open-door admissions policy held by many community colleges. Universities not only have deadlines that may vary from one school to another, many also have specific policies for transfer students.

College Transfer Day is a great way for students to learn about these policies and deadlines firsthand from advisors and college admissions representatives. It is also an avenue for students to make contacts, receive college and university literature, and have specific questions answered as related to academic requirements for transferability.

While the current pandemic has presented students and universities with several challenges, the challenge of being able to visit university campuses before deciding if it is the right fit is one that seems to have been solved. Many universities have begun offering virtual tours of their campuses to allow students the opportunity to assess whether or not a school meets the student’s needs both academically and emotionally.

FTCC’s Office of University Outreach provides many opportunities and programs to promote a better understanding of the academic landscape of various colleges/universities for community college students who are interested in pursuing a four-year college degree. Transfer Thursdays are offered every Thursday and allow students to make an appointment with the University Outreach office to receive an evaluation of three universities of the student’s choosing with regards to the major they are seeking. A student’s current course load is evaluated, the student is given additional advisement, and the student is then registered, if this is their end goal.

Questions regarding the Virtual College Transfer Day event or other services offered through FTCC’s University Outreach office can be directed to me at
nelsonl@faytechcc.edu or 910-678-8205.

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