7cUp & Coming Weekly has been recognized as one of the Best of the Best in the Association of Community Publishers for our entertainment columns, our front pages, best ad series and self-promotion.

The Association of Community Publishers announced on Wednesday, June 8, the winners of the 2022 Best of the Best awards.

Up & Coming Weekly column writer, Pitt Dickey, won second place for Best Original Column that entertains the reader.

Up & Coming Weekly’s former Art Director, Dylan Hooker, was key in the publication receiving 3rd Place for Best Front Page, 3rd Place for Self-Promotion, and an honorable mention for Best Ad Series.

"Winning National Newspaper Awards for local journalism, design, and proficient writing and reporting has always been an honor. It's our annual
barometer on how Up & Coming Weekly community newspaper stacks up against other national top-ranking community newspapers. It is also an opportunity for our local writers, editors, and designers to get the national recognition they deserve," Publisher Bill Bowman said.

The Association of Community Publishers represents community publications from coast to coast, reaching millions of homes on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

These publications are united in providing the best advertising coverage to their clients and valuable advertising information to their strong and loyal readership base.

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