tax time N1804P17009H 1 Tax relief is available to qualified property owners, including exclusions and deferments for the elderly and disabled, according to the Cumberland County Tax Administration.

The owners of qualifying agricultural, horticultural, forestry and wildlife conservation properties may qualify for a “present use” deferment, according to a county news release. The tax is assessed based on the value of the property in its current use rather than its market value. Approval is based on requirements that cover minimum production, acreage, and income, as well as other factors.

The taxes are deferred, not exempted, and become a lien on the property, the news release said.
Applications for 2023 must be submitted during the annual listing period, Jan. 1–31.

Exclusions for the elderly or disabled are for the greater of the first $25,000 or 50% of the assessed value on a permanent residence, according to the news release. Applicants must be 65 or older or totally and permanently disabled with a combined 2022 income of $33,800 or less for the applicant and spouse.
Exclusions for disabled veterans or a surviving spouse cover the first $45,000 of assessed value on a permanent residence, the release said. There is no age or income limits.

The deadline to apply for the exclusion programs is June 1, the release said.
Jan. 31 is the deadline for taxpayers to list property for 2023. Forms must be updated, signed and postmarked no later than Jan. 31 to avoid a 10% penalty.

To request an application for tax relief, contact Cumberland County Tax Administration customer service at 910-678-7507 or The email address for tax questions is

The county tax office is on the fifth floor of the Cumberland County Courthouse, 117 Dick St.

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