5aYes, it is back to school time for our children.

However, Rep. Richard Hudson sorely needs lessons in economics, integrity, and justice. It is quite clear that President Biden has been putting in the work, giving the American Economy the medicine it needs.
He continues to bring in hundreds of thousands of jobs to America every month, keeping the economy viable and solvent, despite Inflation still hanging around.

How many Jobs have YOU created, Rep. Hudson?

Rep. Hudson is still trying to convince You and I that trickle-down economic, or Reaganomics, as it was once called, worked before, and will work now, or ever. Dead Wrong! President Biden has been giving We the People A chance to make A better future for ourselves; And There is verifiable proof of his progress.

The Facts are out there, Rep. Hudson; How about You take your blinders off and face reality.

Oh, But, Rep. Hudson, Kevin McCarthy, and House Republicans are continuing to waste millions upon millions of OUR taxpayer dollars in VAIN attempts to save Donald Trump from facing accountability for his crimes against the United States Constitution; All of those efforts are doomed to fail.

People of North Carolina, DO NOT be deceived.

In 2024, We, the people intend to put A stop to the Forcing of Socio-Fascism and Corruption on the American People. No amount of voter suppression or subversion is going to stop us.

Keith Ranson

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