5bFor far too long I have followed local politics where it appears that decisions are made which are not fiscally responsible or well thought out. I am very committed to our City witnessed through my work with nonprofit Public service organizations such as Care Clinic and Better Health thus, rather than complain I am willing to roll up my sleeves and work for change.

How can Fayetteville be the "Can Do City" if we don't have A "Can Do City Council ." The issue of downtown paid parking is just one of many issues which have hurt our businesses while we are losing about a million dollars a year in costs. Not a proper use of taxpayer dollars nor a productive solution.

I hope to fight for more inclusion of the taxpayers in City decisions, Transparency, Reliable representation, Accountability of tax dollars and Equitable and Fair treatment for all.

Though I have not held public office, I have done the work of a public servant and feel I am competent to contribute to do a better job for our citizens due to my active work in the business and arts community as a professor at UNCP and my cooperative work at FSU, FTCC and Methodist as well as with The Arts Council of Fayetteville, The Lafayette Society, Gilbert Theater, Heritage Square Historical Society and many more deserving service organizations. I am a local business owner.

I would be Honored to receive your vote and Promise to deliver.

Gail Morfesis,
District 2 Fayetteville City Council

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