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The Up & Coming Weekly is NOT a non-profit news media organization.

It is a 27-year-old weekly com-munity newspaper that has never waivered in its commitment to keep-ing the residents of the Fayetteville/Cumberland County community informed, amused, and entertained, with a dedicated staff and excellent contributing writers like Margaret Dickson, Pitt Dickey, Karl Merritt and Dr. Shanessa Fenner who, for de-cades, have been the content foundation of our publication for community news, views, opinions, arts, and entertainment.

And, even though we will contrib-ute to many local non-profit orga-nizations during this current Giving Tuesday campaign, we (U&CW) will not receive any such donations from the community.
Our newspaper was the first to inform Fayetteville residents about the crisis in the newspaper industry and its toll on local newspapers nation-wide. We were also the first to predict the dramatic negative impact the sale of the Fayetteville Observer would have on the community.

Up & Coming Weekly warned everyone on how we would suffer if Cumberland County were allowed to become a “media desert.” To our detriment (meaning our financial risk), we have been continually diligent in trying to prevent this outcome.

Our style of journalism is unique and steeped in the Southern traditions of honesty, integrity and tenac-ity when it comes to principle. Our newspaper has paid a high price for such commitments.

We have been threatened, sued, accused of being racist, and canceled by a “woke” society; however, we are still here.

Our existence gives credence to the adage: “If you do the right things for the right reasons, you never have to apologize.”

Maintaining the confidence and trust of this community is our highest commitment to the citizens of the Fayetteville community, and our commitment stands.

Only the community can support a community newspaper. Again, we are a news media business, NOT a non-profit charity.

Our revenue and total existence de-pend on local sponsors, partners, and advertisers. This being said, Novem-ber is the near-perfect time to ask our loyal U&CW readers for their support in the upcoming years.
You can support the Up & Coming Weekly community newspaper in many ways, i.e., market and adver-tise your business or organization, promote your forthcoming event, and invest in a business profile to inform the community of your services.

Of course, you can always send us a check supporting Free Speech, the First Amendment, and the Fourth Estate.

Most importantly, we appreciate you, your friendship, and your readership. All three are greatly appreciated.

Contact me personally if Up & Coming Weekly community news-paper or if I can assist you. We need local businesses and organizations as partners, sponsors, and advertis-ers to keep U&CW newspaper as a FREE and independent local media resource.

You can reach me 24/7 at or by calling 910-391-3859 to discuss ways to get involved in ensuring the Up & Coming Weekly newspaper continues serving Fayetteville and Cumberland County residents.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly. 

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