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There is no doubt that WFNC's radio history has played an essential role in the lives of tens of thousands of Fayetteville and Cumberland County residents since 1940.

Founded by John Gilmer Dawson and managed by his son Victor Dawson and his family under the flagship brand, Cape Fear Broadcasting, WFNC proudly and continually served the Fayetteville community until it was purchased by Cumulus Broadcasting in 1999.

To this day, WFNC remains the "go-to" airwaves media source for news, views, and information impacting the community.

As WFNC 640 AM radio station enters its 83rd year, it debuts a new and refreshing radio personality that reflects the high media standards, integrity, and tradition the Dawson family initially bestowed on the community.

They hired radio personality Bill Murphy to replace the retiring Jeff (Goldy) Goldberg, which marked the end of a confusing eighteen-year, oxymoronic Liberal agenda that anchored an otherwise traditional conservative radio station. Murphy understands the vital role of media and professional Talk Radio in a community.

He invited me on his show last week in a bold step, ending Up & Coming Weekly newspaper's five-year banishment imposed by Goldberg. Here, I experienced Murphy's style, and his pleasant, jovial, nonjudgemental personality. After listening to his interviews with Fayetteville Mayor Mitch Colvin, political pundit George Breece, and Hope Mills Police Chief Stephen Bollinger, it was refreshing to sense the impact and positive influence he will have on all facets of our community.

Murphy is conservative by nature, but his professional demeanor and news media experience will ensure fair, honest, and balanced reporting on important issues, programs, events, and organizations in the Fayetteville and Cumberland County communities.

No one can be more pleased with Murphy's entry into our media market than we are. Local Talk Radio, when appropriately executed, aligns itself with the same media principles as local community newspapers like Up & Coming Weekly.

And, without a local TV station and a scarce and sporadic daily newspaper, these media principles and values become even more critical.

More specifically, Talk Radio and local community newspapers engage the residents. They foster involvement by accentuating, examining, and showcasing local events, issues, and concerns.

For both, information access is essential. Residents are encouraged to voice opinions and share their views about local news, issues, and community events. This fosters diverse perspectives while encouraging critical thinking and understanding viewpoints on critical issues affecting Fayetteville and Cumberland County.

U&CW newspaper and WFNC provide a platform for promoting arts and culture venues that accentuate our local talent, traditions, and quality of life. This also defines Fayetteville's brand creating a sense of identity and pride among community members in all nine Cumberland County municipalities, including Fort Liberty.

So, we welcome Bill Murphy to the Fayetteville community and wish him well. We encourage our U&CW readers to tune in to WFNC 640 AM to Murphy's GOOD MORNING FAYETTEVILLE Show on air from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., Monday through Friday. He can be reached at 910-864-6400, or *640 on your cell phone, if you have an idea or significant event you would like to promote.

Thank you for reading the Up & Coming Weekly Community Newspaper.

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