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Moving Fayetteville City Council meetings to 2 p.m. instead of 5 p.m. is seen by many Fayetteville residents as another blatant attempt to mask council members' actions from the general public.

Without a doubt, the news media views this as a poor practice for transparency because it limits public participation.

Can you imagine the average citizen asking their employer if they can have the afternoon off to attend an afternoon council meeting?

Without a functional daily newspaper and with no local TV station, it's difficult enough to keep up and stay informed about local governmental decisions.

Now, Mayor Mitch Colvin and five city council members voted to make it even more difficult for taxpayers to attend council meetings by conducting them during the work day, thus hindering accessibility to local elected officials and openness of the decision-making process.

Kudos to council members Mario Benavente, Brenda McNair, Lynne Greene, and Courtney Banks-McLaughlin for defending their constituent's right to know and participate in local government.

These individuals understand the importance of participating in such meetings and how they foster community engagement by discussing local issues, events, and concerns, allowing residents to voice their opinions to their respective representatives.

Transparency in local government is vital to having an efficient, honest government. In addition to local citizens' engagement, an open, transparent government fosters a platform for residents to discuss local issues and concerns and voice opinions. Afternoon 2 p.m. meetings surely stifle those processes.

It's puzzling why our local government doesn't want to encourage citizen input and hear different viewpoints on issues affecting their quality of life.

The 6 to 4 vote to inhibit transparency by moving the city council's planning sessions to 2 p.m. is just one example of our elected officials weaponizing their authority against the citizens of Fayetteville.

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