Goetz dinnerLet’s have Dinner!

For years, I have looked forward to this very special and unique fundraising event. This year, I invite Up & Coming Weekly community newspaper readers and hundreds of Fayetteville and Cumberland County residents to join us as we celebrate The CARE Clinic’s 27th Annual Week of CARE Dinner.

I always know when Valentine's Day is approaching because The CARE Clinic begins preparation for the Week of CARE Dinner.

This unique fundraising event has brought friends and families together for decades. This year's Dinner is scheduled for February: Celebrating Love through CARE!

Join me and our family as three of Fayetteville’s finest and most CARING community restaurants and food service providers prepare three distinct menus with take-home meals for this year's event.


As I said, this unique CARE Clinic fundraiser gives you plenty of convenient and delicious options to choose from: You get to select the day you want to pick up your food (Feb. 3rd to 10th ), the time of your event (lunch or dinner), the venue (Luigi’s, The Coffee Scene, or Dorothy’s Catering 2), and your Menu (Chicken Marsala, Spaghetti, Bacon, Vegetable or Crustless Meat & Veggie Quiche).

There are many choices, and with all the fixings, it is for one tax-deductible donation to The CARE Clinic of $175.00. Pretty cool, huh? This event will sell out, so place your order by January 26th. To participate in the Week of CARE Dinner event, contact Tara Martin at 910 485-0555 or email your order to Development@thecareclinic.org.

Tara can also provide more information about how you can get involved, contribute to, or support the great work The CARE Clinic is doing in Cumberland and the surrounding counties.

For those unfamiliar with The CARE Clinic, it is a non-profit 501c3 organization located at 239 Robeson St, in downtown Fayetteville, that has provided free quality healthcare to uninsured adult residents of Cumberland and surrounding counties since 1993.

The clinic is run primarily by volunteers and offers various services, including primary Care, simple dental extractions, diagnostic testing, and outside specialist referrals.

These services are free and made possible through grants and community support from fundraising events like the Week of CARE Dinner.

This event and others throughout the year provide financial stability for the clinic while celebrating and thanking the Fayetteville/Cumberland community for making The CARE Clinic’s mission possible and successful.

Everyone here at Up & Coming Weekly loves to eat and drink, and most events we are involved with seem to center around food.

This adds credence to the theory that food is one of the strongest unifiers of people across the globe. Food has undoubtedly been the primary element of hospitality for centuries, welcoming guests, initiating discussions, and sharing expressions of love and concern.

This is what The CARE Clinic is all about. Hosting the annual Week of CARE Dinner this February and sharing a meal with friends and family celebrates and demonstrates that love and Care. Join us in supporting the event and the continued work of The Care Clinic. As always, thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly.

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