4Laura Mussler had something to say and she has said it!
For this, I admire her and all our readers who take the time and courage to voice their views, opinions, and concerns about our community, state, and nation in our community newspaper's open free press forum. Safely voicing views of this nature on social media networks is "like winking in the dark." You know you are doing it, but no one else does.
Having free speech and the availability of the free press are just two of the many freedoms that we enjoy as Americans and define us as a Nation. I applaud Ms. Mussler and other bold Fayetteville residents like Craig Stewart, Ron Brewington, and Greg Adair for putting themselves out there with their opinions, and letting citizens and government officials know they are not living and working in a vacuum. I invite all our readers to take an active and impactful role in exercising your rights to free speech. Use this free community newspaper as your platform to express yourself. You write it, you own it, we'll print it! This invitation pertains to ALL our readers: Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, LGBTQIA+, Libertarian, Independent, Democrat or Republican. This commitment has defined the success of Up & Coming Weekly community newspaper for over twenty-eight years. Thank you for reading.
— Bill Bowman, Publisher
P.S. BTW: Always keep in mind that you could be arrested, fined, jailed, or executed for reading this newspaper in China and Russia. Just sayin'!
Laura is a Fayetteville resident, businesswoman, entrepreneur, motorcycle enthusiast, and 1st Vice President of the Fayetteville Republican Women's Club.

I am a voter who casts her ballot in the spirit of principle and value. The values I'm voting on are the freedoms and rights of the nation I love and cherish. My vote represents my vision of America: one that values and has respect for all her people.
This land is ours! It is a birthplace of children of all races, where everyone can praise their heritage and make their dreams come true. Fayetteville and Cumberland County is a melting pot, due to the military community at Fort Liberty. We need to encourage equality and fight against all forms of prejudice, bigotry, racism, sexism, antisemitism, and religious intolerance. To achieve this, we must strive towards maintaining a society where every person feels valued and respected. The commitment to equality is an American ideal.
I believe in parents' rights. Parents know their children best and should be the authority, not the government, to decide where and how they grow up, who they go to school with, and who they learn their moral convictions from. Parental guidance gives children a healthy sense of identity and clarity in their moral world. Only parents can care for their children's hearts and minds appropriately and effectively.
I'm in favor of Title IX. As I watch my granddaughter grow up, I want her to have the opportunity to earn scholarships in sports and not risk her safety by competing against biological boys who are bigger, faster, and stronger.
We need to make sure our daughters, granddaughters, and sisters compete fairly against their female-bodied peers. This principle is crucial in the Fayetteville community, where we take pride in our school sports teams and local competitions.
I believe we have the right to own a gun, even though I tragically lost my son to gun violence here in Cumberland County. This isn't just a policy to me; it's a deeply personal belief. I understand the importance of the right to protect ourselves, our homes, and our loved ones. I stand firmly for the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which states that we have the right to bear arms. It's a fundamental liberty granted to us by our Founding Fathers.
One of our city council members tried to make Fayetteville a sanctuary city earlier this year. Is that where we want your precious tax dollars going? We must ensure that our community remains safe and our laws are respected. Supporting secure borders is crucial to maintaining the integrity and safety of our community and nation.
Let's be clear: immigrants are welcome if they enter the country legally. You wouldn't allow a stranger to wander into your home without knowing who they are, where they came from, or why they are there. Why should our country's borders be any different?
Here in Fayetteville, we must prioritize the safety of our children and the security of our neighborhoods. Our police and school resource officers play a critical role in maintaining order and ensuring our streets and schools are safe. The city of Fayetteville is short over 80 police officers, and now the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department wants to stop providing crossing guards and school resource officers. This is unacceptable. Without adequate staffing, we risk compromising the well-being of our community. I stand firmly with our law enforcement and will always advocate for the resources and support they need to protect and serve us effectively.
I am voting to defend our sacred right to free speech. Free speech is essential to a healthy democracy. It fosters transparency and the exchange of ideas, facilitating innovation and growth.
It's okay to disagree! It's okay not to want to learn about another person's point of view. However, we need to continue allowing access to different points of view, especially the dissenting ones. We need an open dialog empowering citizens to make informed decisions and push back against tyranny.
I vote to provide our military and veterans with the best training and medical care. We're so blessed to have these men and women protecting us, and we must do the best for them in return for their service. We need to continue supporting our active military and veterans and never forget their willingness to sacrifice on our behalf.
Voting is an act of conviction and a testament to our belief in America's values and all she offers in freedom, equality, and security. All those values that define America and the American Dream. This is why I am a conservative and why I'm casting my vote for Republican Party nominees.
They align with who I am and what I believe in. They believe in the United States of America, which I want my children and grandchildren to live in.

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