Last spring I watched The Long Way Round box set. This DVD set is a mini-series by the BBC featuring actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman riding around the world from England to New York. They were riding dual09-15-10-motorcycle.gif sport or what some people call adventure riding. It gave me an appreciation for a new type of riding and made me realize the world is a big a place with lots of places that I have not explored. I wanted something that would push me and to experience something new on my bike. I found it at the annual Miller’s Adventure.

This years’ Miller’s Adventure is Sept. 18 & 19 at Steel Creek Campground in Morganton, NC. The event is challenging and requires a streelegal dirt or dual-sport bike. The event navigates you on- and off-road zig zagging across the Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail through North Carolina and Tennessee. The event is hosted by Ron Miller. He does not give out the route until you get there and receive your “roll chart” directions.

Roll chart are not maps but rather give you distances and turning instructions as you proceed from one point to another. The charts give you distances and turn information (right or left). This method forces you to navigate from start to finish. As I arrived at the event last year, I met up with Rick Lee and we decided to ride together. We took turns on navigational duties with one leading and the other double checking our progress. At each stop we would stop a moment to make sure we was on course. Last year’s trip took us about 120 miles the first day and 100 miles the second.

To prepare for the event I emailed Ron for some advice to see what I was getting into. I asked questions like what experience level do I need, what tires I should have, what equipment I should bring, etc. He was very nice and gave me very detailed suggestions including where to stay.

The event was attended by all ages, even a few in their late 60s. As we rode, Rick was giving me pointers along the way but I was having so much sensory overload with everything going on that I just wasn’t getting what he was saying. It wasn’t until that night while talking with Rick and other riders that I started my education. I say started because I am still learning. With a vast variety of experience present, I was in listening mode to hear advice on such things as tire pressure, body position, weight distribution and equipment needed for dual-sport riding. With so many different bikes and configurations there was only one common detonator I could find. That was the rider and the rider’s experience.

The next day I lowered my tire pressure, changed my riding position, lightened my load and was more mindful of my bike. I truly had to become one with the bike and started focusing on technique (more to follow on this subject).

After the event I was hooked. Up until that point, I had not had that much adrenal pumping in my veins since my jumping days. I felt more alive with every mile I traveled. If you are looking for something new and want to enjoy a challenge and the mountains you can contact Mr. Ron Miller at millerron@

If there is a topic that you would like to discuss, please send your comments and suggestions to RIDE SAFE!

(Photo) Miller’s Adventure at Steel Creek Campground in Morganton., NC offers a challenging, but good time.



(Photo) Miller’s Adventure at Steel Creek Campground in Morganton., NC offers a challenging, but good time.

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