06-22-11-importance-of-entrepreneurship.jpgPresident Obama’s Start-Up America Initiative has brought a lot of attention to the need for en-trepreneurship in our country as a means of revitalizing the economy and creating needed jobs in local communities. Fayetteville Technical Community College has an active en-trepreneurial program which teaches students how and where to find ideas, how to plan for a new business and where to find the money neces-sary to start these ventures. Once the program is completed, a student not only understands what entrepre-neurship is, but also has the tools and knowledge necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. Students also become familiar with community resources available including FTCC’s Small Business Center, which pro-vides a wealth of information for anyone planning to start a business or currently operating one

.FTCC has several options for those who want to learn more about this opportunity. There are three certificates available including Entrepreneurship I, Entrepreneurial Innovations and Entrepreneurial Applications. These programs can be studied as complete programs or as part of the associate degree program in business administration. Each certificate has a different focus ranging from basic entrepreneurship to idea creation and start-up; however, each certificate provides the student with a comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneurial process.

The entrepreneurial program also has a global element; FTCC recently participated in the Prime Minister’s Initiative for Entrepreneurship, which was a part-nership between U. S. Colleges and Colleges in the United Kingdom. This initiative resulted in a tool called an Entrepreneurial Passport, which will be used in both countries to promote collaboration between students in each country. This tool is an instruction manual for en-trepreneurs and allows students to explore ideas to determine their validity while getting feedback from other students in different locations. The partnership merged best prac-tices from two different countries, expanding the student’s under-standing of a global marketplace. Entrepreneurship is important to the American economy, and FTCC has education and support in place to enhance the process. Learn more about the many programs offered at FTCC by visiting www.faytechcc.edu.

Photo: Fayetteville Technical Community College has an active entrepreneurial program which teaches students how and where to find ideas, how to plan for a new business, and where to find the money necessary to start these ventures.

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