Dear Editor:
Thanks Everyone!
    I’m taking this opportunity to say thank you for all that came out Monday (4/28) to speak in support not to raise our bus fares. Over the last few weeks my fellow councilmember’s and myself have received emails, phone calls and had street conversations from citizens concerning this subject.
    I think it’s a plus when citizens can come together and let their elected officials know just how they feel. I applaud some of the media (WIDU) for reporting their (bus riders) views. I was also impressed to hear and see several pastors from our community. They came; out some brought many of there(sic) members and they spoke loud and clear. (I would love to see this more often)
    After all of the speaking, our city council did the correct thing by not raising the bus fares and I was very thankful of that. I think this was the very best decision and I went home feeling good about our vote. Sometimes we the strong have to bare(sic) up the weak, so thanks Fayetteville City Council & citizens of Fayetteville we did the right thing. We have along ways to go on improving our transit system, but we are now moving aggressively forward.
D. J. Haire,Fayetteville City Council

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