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Mr. Bowman,

First, after all these years of knowing you, it is nice to be able to say to fellow Vietnam Veteran, WELCOME HOME!!! It has amazed me how many there are of us and we had no idea.

Just read my latest issue of Up & Coming Weekly dated November 2-8. Thank you for your publication’s coverage of the upcoming Heroes Homecoming. As a member of the Heroes Homecoming Executive Committee and a Vietnam veteran, it is wonderful that you and others have done great things to help tell the story. What a great series of happenings for veterans, but especially Vietnam Veterans.

Looking forward to seeing you at some of the events. I plan on extending my hand to you and personally telling you WELCOME HOME!!! It will be my honor to do so.

Doug Nunnally, Fayetteville

Readers Respond to Occupy Wall Street

Mr. Bowman,

I have enjoyed your editorials with the conservative slant for some time now, and this week was no exception as you exposed the irony in the latest group of protesters on Wall Street.

You referenced entrepreneurs in Fayetteville and I wanted to add a name to your list...Hall Powers. He has been involved in multiple adventures in capitalism including the restaurant Powercard that has been widely successful throughout Cumberland County these past 10 years as a fundraiser for local schools, clubs and the hospital.

However his latest venture you may not be aware of: the purchase and remodeling of the Technimark Bdlg. next to the vacated Black & Decker plant on 301S. He purchased it for $1.9 million and completely renovated it from within to build both a new school — Freedom Christian Academy — but also a community center which houses four basketball courts, or nine volleyball courts, plus a nautilus center and a coffee shop. The school opened on this new campus three weeks ago and the gyms, which will be open in November, will house JO volleyball practices and tournaments, AAU basketball and its tournaments, plus indoor soccer, wrestling, etc. No longer will our local teams have to travel to Charlotte to play competitive ball.

Both Mr. Powers, the founder, and the architects were in agreement that the motif of the physical plant should highlight the manufacturing community with its retro design. The building also honors American Exceptionalism “our grand experiment” with its giant murals/paintings, founding father quotes and etched glass Preamble in the huge front lobby. It is a must-see.

You sound like the kind of man who takes objection to the re-writing of American History ... if so please stop by for a tour on Veterans Day.

Joan Dayton, Fayetteville

Mr. Bowman,

You ask in the title of your article, “Where is the Logic in Occupying Wall Street?” My answer to that would be with a few more questions: What was the logic behind Ghandi marching with hundreds, if not thousands, of his country’s people to the sea to make their own salt when the English Viceroy denied them of the spice? What was the logic behind sit-ins, bus boycotts, and other protests of the 1950s and 1960s? Very simply ... it’s grassroots efforts that mark the path of improvement. Those things you mention in your article about getting an education, fi nding a job, even when there are so few to be had, are the things that result when a free and self-governed nation find an outlet for their voices. Especially for the generation your article is targeting.

Leisa Greathouse, Fayetteville

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