The End of the Road for Gates Four

“I Love Gates Four. I Love Fayetteville.”

Those were the words spoken to me by a new Fayetteville resident who relocated here from Georgia. The new resident is a personable, vivacious and jovial lady who was introduced to me by a long time Fayetteville resident who had befriended the lady.

Both ladies were enjoying a casual lunch at 04-18-12-pub-notes.jpga popular (and locally owned) Fayetteville restaurant. Both ladies also live in the beautiful gated community of Gates Four. What I found interesting was that neither of them seemed affected or consumed with all ofthe controversy and negativity surrounding this otherwise beautiful country-club community.

Supporting that old adage misery loves company, a determined group of dissident property owners, still fuming over the forced “big-bang” annexation, have pretty much come to the end of the line in stopping the annexation of the community into the city limits. The death knell in their fight came when the North Carolina Supreme Court refused to hear their case last year. Of course, they are going to ask the North Carolina Court of Appeals to review the high court’s ruling. I wouldn’t give them good odds on changing the outcome. Gates Four Golf and County Club is now a part of our wonderful city. The recycling bins and green rollouts should be arriving soon.

My point? Actually, there are several.

First, life is too short to perpetuate and endure this kind of long-term mental and financial anguish.

Second, Gates Four is a wonderful, beautiful and well-established residential community. Its image should not be tarnished by all this negative publicity. Residents should be sensitive and cognizant of how others perceive them. The lady I met seemed oblivious to all the hubbub surrounding Gates Four. She was actually enjoying the amenities of her new community.

Third, the reality of this situation is that unless you are a hermit you cannot avoid using and consuming 21st century city services. That’s a fact.

I’ve often seen even the most vocal, dissident and radical Gates Four residents enjoy the amenities our city. They can’t help it. Many work here, travel the streets, walk on the sidewalks, play in city parks and eat and shop in city businesses. And, while they are here, they are protected by city police and fire professionals.

I could go on and on with this train of thought, but I won’t. I’ll cut to the bottom line: Residents of Gates Four enjoy the amenities the city has to offer ... they just don’t want to pay for them. Oh well, welcome to the real world.

For those who are wondering, yes, I am a victim of the “big bang” annexation. My taxes increased along with everyone else’s. However, I would feel a lot better about this situation and the future of our city if the same Gates Four people who speak out so adamantly challenging the city’s decision would step up and take an active role in the future governing process. After all, why waste such dedicated and hard-working talent?

Thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly and to all you newcomers welcome to our community. You’ll love it here no matter where you live!

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