uac091212001.gif The Best Is Getting Better

The Best is still getting better. You are reading our most popular special edition of the year. It’s the most read and sought after issue of the entire year: The 15th Annual 2012 Best of Fayetteville.

Every September for the past 15 years we have honored and recognized the “best of the best” people, businesses and organizations that have shaped, impacted and defined our community’s unique, awardwinning quality of life. So, enjoy! Save this special edition all year long and use it as your personal reference for where to go to get the best professional services, shop, dine and play. The complete edition will be available 24/7 on our website at www. with hyperlinks to the websites of the 2012 winners. Get to know them and become familiar with proven, local businesses and organizations that have, by their actions and attention to detail, shown they have mastered the art of quality workmanship, superb service and good ole-fashioned southern hospitality. To all of the winners, we want to say thank you and congratulations on your achievements!

Winning a Best of Fayetteville award is a cherished honor. I want to thank our loyal and long-time sponsors for supporting this event and helping us maintain the program’s prestige, integrity and legitimacy. In large part that integrity is owed to Lee Utley and Dale Knowles of Utley & Knowles, CPAs. Serving this community since 1986 Utley & Knowles assisted in counting, validating and verifying the ballots.

Jimmy Keefe and Steve Driggers of Clark’s Sporting Goods/ The Trophy House are our partners every year in creating the beautifully designed award certificates and plaques.

Rob Kallmeyer, owner of Brainbox Development, designed and implemented our first-ever Best of Fayetteville online ballot. It worked perfectly.

To Josh and Tonya Collins and the great staff at Wet Willies, we give thanks for hosting our 15th Annual Best of Fayetteville Awards Party.

And, last, but certainly not least, we want to thank our newest sponsor Mac Edwards and the great community radio stations of Beasley Broadcasting. They were magnificent in getting the word out and getting the votes in. Wow! What a line up of great community partners. Without their help, understanding, support, assistance and expertise Up & Coming Weekly would not be able to maintain this important program. As you travel throughout the community, look for the Best of Fayetteville plaques and certificates on display at the businesses you frequent. Look for our logo in their newspaper and TV ads. Listen for it to be mentioned in their radio commercials or appear as a symbol of excellence posted on their websites.

This issue is a labor of love for the professional staff of Up & Coming Weekly. At a time when traditional newspapers nationally are tasked with maintaining their relevancy as a media source and many struggling for survival, community newspapers like Up & Coming Weekly continue to grow and prosper. Why? Because our dedicated and professional staff stay in touch with the community and make telling Fayetteville’s story our #1 priority. Nobody does it better. T

hank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly. We are extremely proud to be your community newspaper. After all, you are the best of the best.

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