Crisis in Confidence: Chavonne Sends Out S.O.S.

After speaking to many Fayetteville residents about the results of Fayetteville’s 2013 mayoral election, the consensus is that our community has dodged a political bullet by electing Nat Roberston over Val Applewhite, the incumbent city councilwoman.

A bullet, I might add, that may have proved fatal to a community desperately looking to build consensus for a happy, safe community where economic growth, peace and harmony all come together to accentuate our community’s unique quality of life.

Overwhelmingly, the residents (voters) not familiar with Ms. Applewhite’s past performance on the city council were highly impressed with her poise, intelligence and eloquent speeches. After all, on the surface, what was there not to like?

However, those who know her, worked with her and come in regular contact with her in the course of conducting the city’s business are familiar with a less-than-charming, eloquent and tolerant Applewhite. In this incarnation, she is not so congenial and eager to please or reason with, and surely not a team builder or peacemaker.

I truly believe, had it not been for Mayor Tony Chavonne’s last minute endorsement of Nat Robertson, the end result may have been quite different. Chavonne’s final-hour involvement and decision to not sit on the sidelines added a much-needed sense of urgency to the message. Chavonne’s endorsement of Nat Robertson was more of an S.O.S. Yes, it was an S.O.S. — an emergency message to all Fayetteville residents that regardless of race, religion or political affiliation, if you live in the city of Fayetteville, your future and the amazing progress we have made over the last several decades would be severely in jeopardy. The lesson here is don’t believe everything you hear or are being told. Pay attention to what you actually see and experience. Trust your eyes. Your eyes do not lie. Let what you see and experience help you in determining the truth.

In America, not just in Fayetteville, we are experiencing a crisis in confidence at all levels of government. For America to recover and become responsible citizens, we must at some point, take responsibility for our actions, ask the right questions and demand honest answers. This means holding other people responsible for their actions and resisting being led down a path of ignorance, corruption and dishonesty like helpless sheep to the slaughter. Corrupt people are lying and deceiving us and we are not objecting, resisting or holding them responsible for their actions. Making this situation even more pathetic is that there are no consequences for such actions. Here are just a few examples:

The failed Solyndra Solar Plant, which wasted $50 million. There were no answers and no consequences.

Benghazi, with four Americans killed. There were no answers and no consequences.

The first Benghazi distraction showcased Susan Rice and the video pretense. Again, there were no answers and no consequences, except Rice got promoted.

The second Benghazi distraction, with Hillary Clinton front and center, taking no responsibility. You guessed it, no consequences and no answers.

Fast & Furious, the mastermind of Eric Holder, resulted in one American killed. There are still unaccounted for guns.

Let’s not forget the IRS scandal, where our own government targeted our neighbors, maybe even one of us.

And who could forget the NSA scandal that rocked not only America, but also our allies?

Obamacare. Do I really have to say anything else?

And finally, President Obama and his promise to Americans: “If you like your healthcare, you’ll be able to keep it. Period.”

These black-eyes to our nation have nothing to do with political affiliations.

They have to do with integrity and truth. This affects all Americans and all Americans cannot escape the responsibility. With this dubious promise, Obama joins former Republican president Richard Nixon, who in 1973 declared to the American people “... I am not a crook.” He was. And, President Bill Clinton who in 1998 declared, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” He did. And, now the real blatant untruth that Obama perpetrated on Americans by telling them they can keep their doctors and their healthcare plans. It has become painfully obvious to them that they have been deceived by their Commander-in-Chief as they experience millions of cancellations of their existing insurance policies, higher insurance premiums and deductibles. An entire program based on a calculated deception. A lie! How outrageous! Yet, I don’t see the outrage.

In closing, let me say I hope we can come to our senses in the very near future to remedy this crisis situation before it becomes the new normal.

Our involvement by holding people accountable is the only remedy. We dodged the political bullet here locally, now we need to put your sights on the nation. In Fayetteville, we will continue moving forward with our new energetic mayor and his new city council. Nationally, we need to open our eyes, trust what we see and start taking action by holding people accountable. If not, there will be a consequence not unlike the ones we are experiencing now. Only worse. Thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly.

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