Political Correctness: Ruining America

… and the American way of life. I’m not just pontificating, I believe this and experience it almost every day here in Fayetteville and so do you.

04-16-14-pub-notes.gifAs despicable as it is, extreme political correctness has woven its way into almost every aspect of our daily lives. We live our lives guarded, walking on egg shells, careful not to say anything or do anything that would be interpreted as “offensive,” or not PC, out of fear of being slandered or labeled a bigot, racist, sued or both. I think this extreme PC is un-American, contrary to our core values and beliefs and is developing into a blatant attempt to stifle our First Amendment rights.

Good, decent people are afraid to speak out and step up into local, state and national leadership positions because they do not want to deal with the nastiness of those who simply disagree with their opinions. Sad. The people brandishing the PC iron are desperate and try to obtain some advantage point for the sole purpose of personal gain or gaming the system. Fortunately, these posers are usually easy to find and identify, as they are vociferous in nature, wrapped in hypocrisy, masters of subversion, advocates for the intangible and achievers of nothing. Hmmmm? Not necessarily the kind of distractions Fayetteville needs as we attempt to fight crime, improve our economic conditions and address the other priorities we have recently identified.

When did everything in our lives become so complicated and political? When did everything become racial? When did we begin judging each other by the net sum of our assets? When did we become so divisive? And, when will it stop? My political views are pretty much middle of the road, especially when it comes to the hot topics of the day: ObamaCare, gun control, gay rights, abortion, immigration and amnesty.

Now, we are in a danger zone with this extreme PC and I, for one, am not comfortable having other people and organizations judging my character or plotting my future based on their values and political convictions. Good people must speak up and speak out to reverse this hideous trend. We need leadership at all levels to challenge this hyper-political correctness and remind us that we are all Americans.

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