The room is dark and quiet; students furtively work on the computers in front of them. On the screen is a form of a person, and with a few clicks, the form on the screen can move its shoulders, and its arms and hands. This is a scene from the Introduction to 3D Animation class that was offered to youth during FTCC’s Summerscapes program. Summerscapes is an annual program made up of a variety of classes created specifically for children ages 8-18.  Topics include academics, art, cooking, music, photography, and sewing. The program has been expanded this summer to include new technology classes (Introduction to Programming with ALICE, 3D Animation, and Making a Game with Gamemaker). These classes were developed by FTCC’s Continuing Education Division and Simulation and Game Development faculty. FTCC realized a need for technology classes in their summer program, with teens developing a growing interest in the creation of video games and computer games.  What better way for teens to be introduced to these concepts than through use of professionals in the field! These classes are designed to introduce pre-teens and teens to 3D animation concepts through simple computer applications. FTCC has the most current equipment and software to maximize the students’ learning experiences during these short introductory classes. Students who have taken these classes have a newfound understanding of programming and animation concepts and may even become experts in the Simulation and Game Development industry one day! Work has already begun on expanding the program for next summer to include Computer Building and Motion Capture classes. 


The Summerscapes program at Fayetteville Technical Community College begins each year in June and runs through the middle of August. The community college can offer these self-supporting courses only during the summer, so be sure to take advantage of these enjoyable, inexpensive learning opportunities for your child next summer! Youth ages 8-18 can get involved in fun classes at FTCC to express their creativity while they discover new talents. Classes are taught by highly motivated and trained instructors who provide a positive learning environment. Whether your child enjoys art, photography, cooking, yoga, music, reading, or technology, FTCC Summerscapes offers much to choose from. Although Summerscapes 2014 is coming to a close, we are already making grand plans for the 2015 course schedule, which comes out in early March of 2015. While the program has ended for 2014, we are already under way with planning for the next awesome summer here at FTCC!


Won’t you plan now to join us for next year’s Summerscapes program at FTCC?  It offers a unique summer educational (and enjoyable!) experience for teens.  To learn more, please call 910-678-8309 or e-mail baugharc@faytechcc.edu.  For a complete listing of Continuing Education classes available at FTCC, please visit our website at www.faytechcc.edu/continuing_education.

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