Keeping the Faith in Fayetteville, Our Nation and

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I have a lot of faith in God, America and humanity in general. I also believe that when day-to-day circumstances get too far out of sync we, as Americans, will endeavor to take just and proper action and get things back on track. Historically, that’s what true Americans do.

In the meantime, as we get bombarded with the news of unfortunate, sad, hurtful and hideous acts taking place in our hometown of Fayetteville, as well as in Ferguson, Mo., or the Far East, we must try to remember to  “keep the faith.” Many challenges abound causing us to question our faith, doubt ourselves, our local, state and national leadership and our very own traditional American way of life.

In view of this, we must remain strong and diligent by preserving American values and not allowing fear, apathy, racial tensions, social or governmental intimidation to weaken our resolve as a Christian nation.

Everyone seems to be asking: Is Christianity under attack? Well, in my opinion, yes, I believe so, and, not just by the murdering militant and radical Islamist tormenting the Mid East. Here in America, little by little, it seems the virtues of Christianity have been chiseled away to a point where we are almost becoming apologetic for our beliefs.

This is sad. Think about the events and revelations of the last several decades and how we have witnessed our nation and the world, nurturing unsurpassed levels of hostility, deception, dishonesty, crime, social injustice and governmental discourse all overshadowing Christianity and the Golden Rule. Well, I’m not a theologian, Bible thumper or even a consistent Sunday church attendee; however, I am a Christian who is quite capable of distinguishing good and bad and right from wrong.  And, since Christianity is based on these principles and those of us honoring and obeying God’s word with respect to honoring and respecting humanity, one can see where the belief in God could conflict, interfere and contradict the kind of subversive ideologies we find ourselves subjected to today.

Honestly, this is not a hard concept to understand. The reality is, of course, eliminate the Christian consciousness and, by doing so, you minimalize and eliminate personal responsibility for love, honesty, fairness, compassion or humanitarian action. What remains is exactly what we are experiencing today. Detached and unresponsive government, social and racial unrest, disrespect for human life, unbridled obsession with a “win at all costs” mentality, gross dishonesty and mistrust, blatant cheating, deception and a reluctance to hold people accountable, responsible or even to punish those who violate the principles of humanity and victimize the innocent.

When will it end? Who knows? Will it end? No doubt. I want to be a part of that awakening. In the meantime, if we must be at war, let’s all pray we are all fighting on the right side and for the right cause.

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Photo: Eliminate the Christian consciousness and, by doing so, you minimalize and eliminate personal responsibility for love, honesty, fair-ness, compassion or humanitarian action.

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