Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire

02-11-15-hillary_clinton.gifNBC’s Brian Williams is the latest casualty in what seems to be the incapability of the media (and our political and elected officials) to tell the basic truth. It concerns me that lying, cheating, telling half-truths and deception have reached an all-time high in new lows and is unfortunately becoming the new normal.

Who are we, our children and our children’s children going to trust in the future? See below: Historically, our track record is not good.

President Richard Nixon: “I’m not a crook.” (Whoops.)

President Bill Clinton: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. (Ok! Wink, wink.)

President George Bush: Weapons of Mass 02-11-15-obama.gifDestruction.

Hillary Clinton (2008 Presidential Candidate) : (March speech referring to her heroism during a 1996 visit to Bosnia) “Landing under sniper fire. .ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” Hillary was steady under fire? (Big Lie.)

Susan Rice: (former U.S. Ambassador to the UN) proclaimed “The attacks on Benghazi were a result of spontaneous demonstrations.” (Actually, this was not true x 5 times.)

President Barack Obama on ObamaCare: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your healthcare plan, you’ll be able to keep your 02-11-15-charles_evans.gifhealthcare plan.” (Stated publically at least 36 times.)

Congress woman Nancy Pelosi: (former House Majority Leader on Obamacare): “What we are talking about is affordable, quality, accessible healthcare for all Americans. If you like what you have and you want to keep it, you have the choice to do that.” (Really? Again?)

Nationwide Media on the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri: “Michael Brown was an 18-year old, 6’4, 280-pound ‘gentle giant’ who was shot in the back.” (Never true.)

County Commissioner Charles Evans (on why he voted against a public 02-11-15-pub-notes-4.gifhearing for the Sanderson Farms Chicken Processing Plant): “The chamber is not doing their due diligence. We have been asking and requesting information from the Chamber of Commerce to provide to us.” Evans said the commissioners were emailed information and that “some statistics and other concerns of ours” were not provided. (Untrue, Evans had the answers to all his questions and concerns.)

Who will we be able to trust for the real truth?

Which brings us to our most recent disappointment, NBC’s disgraced anchor, Brian Williams. And, with my apologies to Hank Williams and his hit country classic “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” I will close with a song:

“Your lying heart
Has made us weep
Brian Williams
You’re a lying Creep

All those lies
You told as true
Your lying heart
Has told on you.

Now the truth comes out
Like falling rain
NBC ratings fall
And shout your name.


America trusted you
To tell the truth
You let us down
For a false salute.

It’s time for you
To take your place
With Hillary and friends
In the Hall of Disgrace.

Stolen Valor
That we deplore
You disrespected America
But hopefully-No More.

A decade of lies
You told as true
Your lying heart
Has told on you.”

America deserves better. Thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly.

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