Kindermusik International is a program designed to provide music programs for children that assist with movement and development. The classes are focused on early childhood and it has reached an estimated 1 million families in more than 70 countries with programs focused on development from birth to 5 years. 

Snyder Music Academy has a Kindermusik program that is primarily instructed by Joy Cogswell, who is also the director for the Snyder Music Academy. Recently her excellence as a Kindermusik instructor has been recognized. 

“The award that I received is the Kindermusik Maestro Producer award,” Cogswell explained. “This places my program in the top 5 percent of Kindermusik Programs internationally. It is based on the quality of the program and the number of children that it reaches. It is my privilege that in the last 15 years I have gotten it every year. It is especially great for us to have our program recognized and for people to know that if they come to us they get the best.” 

Music can play a huge role in development, especially at an early age. Kindermusik creates a unique program that uses music to target specific developmental needs. 

“Research has proven that the earlier kids are introduced to music the better they do in math, reading and academically. When you come into a class for the kids it looks just like a fun but everything in the program is written with a purpose. If we do something with a steady beat in the music it will help when kids walk or bounce a ball or with anything that requires a steady beat within their bodies. There is a lot of encouragement to read and we work with colors, animal sounds, many things that it is important to learn in early childhood,” Cogswell says. 

She provides a more specific example of how Kindermusik assists infants and children in development, “Bounce and Cuddle, which is our class for infants, from birth to 15 or 16 months may have you dance with your baby, do a turn and then reverse the turn. The reason for this is brain development. The motion is fun but it also helps to develop the brain and small motor skills it is not just about music, it is about the whole child. These classes also provide a unique opportunity for relationships. They are designed for parents or grandparents and children to attend together and can help to strengthen bonds. “

In addition to her Kindermusik classes at the Snyder Music Academy, Cogswell also strives to assist underprivileged children. 

“I always try in my program to reach children who wouldn’t otherwise receive it. It is a privilege to work with the Fayetteville Metropolitan Housing Authority. We offer these programs to kids whose parents line in the Housing Authority every Tuesday for four years. It is one of my favorites and it is a wonderful opportunity. It is our privilege to do it next year,” she says. 

Every child deserves the head start that Kindermusik can provide. 

For more information on the Kindermusik program visit, or call 910-484-3191. Snyder Music Academy is held in Snyder Memorial Baptist Church located at 701 Westmont Dr. 

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