It is easy to talk about change. Talking about change and taking action to make  a change are two very  different things. Wes and Sandy Cookman are about making change — change that matters. Wes and Sandy own WIDU 1600 AM. The couple, along with their sponsors and church, business and media partners, works diligently throughout  the year to have a positive impact on their corner of
the world.

The radio station programming includes news, talk radio, church services and gospel music. But keeping listeners informed and entertained is just the tip of the iceberg. For the Cookman’s, using the airwaves to reach the community and keep the listeners informed is serious business and they designed the station’s programming to reflect their priorities.

“The Fayetteville Morning News Hour” was launched in 2011. The show features regular contributors that include Margaret Dickson, Troy Williams, Sara Vanderclute, Nancy Shakir, Chris Fitzsimon and Carin Savel. This program is the only local news program that is feature-length. While local news reports are aired throughout the day, The Fayetteville Morning News Hour offers local news in addition to editorial commentaries and local news reports and weather.

Weekdays from 8-9 a.m. “What’s Going On” features local guests who discuss a variety of important issues that impact Fayetteville and the surrounding area. Some topics that are routinely covered on this show include public education, crime and punishment, religion, government and social justice.

The “Wake Up” show is an important part of the station’s broadcast lineup. It offers listeners locally produced news and talk. The programming is relevant and engaging. The entertaining cast of radio personalities, ministers, public officials, journalists and community-minded citizens cover a variety of topics. The WIDU website describes the show by saying “… Wake Up truly believes that people will make the right decision if given timely, accurate information, and it lives by the motto every day — Knowledge Based, Issue Driven.” The show runs Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

In addition to programming, the team at WIDU, along with sponsors and partners, believes in being active in the community, working for positive change and making a difference. Their efforts recently raised $25,000 for a homeless shelter. 

Each year WIDU hosts an anniversary celebration that features worship services, prayer breakfasts, concerts, motivational speakers and more. This year, the WIDU Anniversary celebration runs Oct. 3-10. It is a spiritually powerful event that continues to grow each year. Entertainers include The Williams Brothers, Tasha Cobbs, Bishop Marvin Winans, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Tim Rogers and The Fellas, LeAndria Johnson, Doc McKenzie, Luther Barnes, Lisa Knowles and so much more. Motivational speaker Les Brown is slated for a business empowerment breakfast.

Find out more about WIDU and its programs throughout the community at www.widuradio.com. Find out more about the WIDU Anniversary Celebration at www.widuanniversary.com.

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