Cape Fear Studios is a haven for local artists. It provides a place for member artists to create and sell their works. It also hosts exhibits that bring works from national and international artists to the area. To support this enclave for the arts in downtown Fayetteville, Cape Fear Studios is set to host the Celebration of the Arts on Oct. 11. 

“This is our second year hosting the event, so we don’t have a large history to go on, yet. However, last year was tremendously successful even though it was a small start. We’re looking for an even larger turnout this year,” said Ann Griffin, executive director. “No matter what, the people who attend will have a fun time while they’re here and maybe even learn a thing or two as they talk to our artists.” 

Celebration of the Arts features multiple demonstrations from member artists, activities and games that the whole family can enjoy. There is often a disconnect between appreciation of art and understanding how it is actually created. Understanding the work and expertise required to create these beautiful pieces of art adds another level of appreciation and beauty. Celebrate the Arts offers a fun window into creation. 

“The whole idea is to give the public a taste of fine art and in many cases to introduce artistic production methods to people who have never experienced some of the procedures. For instance, most people are familiar with pottery, but have little knowledge of certain methods that can go into special pieces such as Raku. The pottery demonstrations is outdoors, while demonstrations of 2-D painting, in various styles, are happening indoors. Demonstrations of jewelry making and stained glass productions are also planned. And, for the children we’ll have finger painting, spoon decorating and several other hands-on activities,” Griffin said. 

In addition to these demonstrations, a lunch of homemade soup, served in handmade bowls, is planned.

“Well, the soup is nicknamed stone soup, but stones are about the only thing we don’t put into it. It’s a wonderful combination of vegetables with chicken stock. Delicious!  The handmade bowls are created right here in our studios by our member potters. Each bowl is unique and can be enjoyed as functional dinnerware or as decorative pieces,” Griffin explained. 

This year Celebration of the Arts, a relatively new tradition, is seamlessly combined with an older, though lesser known Cape Fear Studios tradition, the silent auction. 

“All of our exhibiting members donate an original piece to the auction, which means we’ll have around 30 pieces. You can go online at www.capefearstudios.com to peruse some of the collection of fine art up for auction, “Griffin said. “This is a great opportunity to purchase fine art.” 

Celebration of the Arts is both within Cape Fear Studios, located at 148 Maxwell St., and in the surrounding parking lots. It is scheduled for Oct. 11 from noon until 5 p.m. “This is a fun afternoon for the whole family. It’s a combination of hands-on activities, plus many opportunities to watch and learn from our professional artists. Most of all it’s a fun way to help support the arts in Fayetteville and keep our arts organization active and viable.” 

For more information visit www.capefearstudios.com or call 433-2986. 


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