Fayetteville Mayor Nat Robertson

Mayoral Candidate

It was just over 27 years ago that I served as an intern for our late Mayor, J.L. Dawkins. I watched him transform his love and commitment to Fayetteville into public service for our community. I soon discovered that my interest and love for Fayetteville were deeper than just a summer internship.

Soon after graduating from Elon with a degree in public administration, I tested my skills in public policy, and my desire to serve our community, by running for a seat on the Fayetteville City Council. I was humbled at the support I received to become the youngest ever elected to a council seat.

My interest in government stems from my interest in policy, not politics. I am motivated by a desire to do the right things for the right reasons. I believe that all of our residents deserve to be heard and have a place at the table. That is how I governed before, and that is the way I will continue to govern as Mayor.

I am a proven leader with integrity and a track record that backs it up. I tell it like it is and have nothing to hide. I don’t owe any political favors, and I don’t play politics with special interests or taxpayer dollars.

That kind of leadership is not traditional; in fact it’s rare anymore. Over the past two years, we have been able to accomplish so many positive things because my leadership style allows everyone to have ownership of the issues. Under my leadership as Mayor, we have broken a decade-long trend of rising crime statistics. We have given Chief Medlock the tools and resources he needs to reduce the crime rate by double digits for two years in a row. We have dedicated the first swimming pool this community has seen since 1948. We have embraced technology like never before and brought real changes to several departments in City Hall. And, we continue to sharpen our customer service skills when dealing with our residents. Under my leadership, we are moving Fayetteville forward and making our city more competitive with other larger North Carolina cities.

My passion is to help others succeed. I want our city to be recognized by other communities in NC as a safe, progressive city with fascinating people from all walks of life, who contribute to our success.

J.L. used to say that our Mayor and City Council have a more direct impact on our daily lives than any other government body. He was right, and we as residents should give great consideration to whom we elect to lead our city government. Saying that, I am truly honored that you have chosen me to represent Fayetteville as your Mayor!

I respectfully ask for your vote again on November 3rd. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and don’t forget to visit my website,, to learn more about our campaign and plans. My contact information is listed there, and I welcome hearing from you.

Nat Robertson is the incumbent Mayor of the City of Fayetteville.


Len Brown

District 2 Candidate

The recent passage of The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is the final nail in the coffin for the American worker in manufacturing, intellectual property and copyright regulation. The NAFTA and GATT agreements were devastating enough in transferring jobs overseas but this policy will set the stage for America’s rapid decline. In the next “little while” the American dollar will not be the only reserve currency. The Chinese Yuan will be the new alternative. It is much stronger and more reliable, given America’s huge debt ratio.

So, what does that have to do with Fayetteville, North Carolina? You are not in competition with adjoining counties or states but, with the whole world. The internet and the computer have reduced distance and space. Fayetteville will have to step up its game, simply to survive. Short-sighted politicians and uninformed leaders are a luxury we can no longer afford. Those who major in minors must be dumped and replaced with intelligent statesmen and practical visionaries. The controversy with PWC should be quickly resolved by negotiation. Then we can focus on relevant problems like economic and public safety issues.

I bring a special skill-set to the table and at the risk of appearing immodest, I am best able to guide District 2 through the maze we will soon encounter. Our future lies in production of wealth through manufacture not in service-oriented industries. Where computer assisted design is used, production capacity is greatly enhanced. Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville Technical Community College and Methodist University will have to step up their game as well. They will need to get on the cutting edge of technology and strive to stay ahead of the pack. Antiquated skills and poorly prepared students will be frustrated by the lack of opportunity and be burdened by student loan debt. The future belongs to the prepared exclusively.

As your Council Representative I will diligently work to bring quality jobs to Fayetteville and District 2, work with the Council, Mayor and Police Dept. to reduce crime and the underlying economic and social reasons for it. Be assured that every child will have access to a quality education. Rebranding is not needed for a competent leadership team and a well prepared enthusiastic work force. People exiting the armed forces here at Fort Bragg will be delighted to find the environment already in place to speed their transition into financially rewarding civilian jobs.

I am Len Brown, and let me Thank You in advance for your vote on Nov. 3.


Kirk deViere

District 2 Candidate

The upcoming municipal election is about Fayetteville’s future. This election is about electing leaders who want the same things that you want for our City like a stronger economy with job opportunities, peaceful and revitalized neighborhoods and a place where our children and grandchildren come home to stay. 

I believe in Fayetteville’s future and will take responsibility to help make our city stronger and more peaceful. Ten years in the Army taught me the values and leadership that I will bring to our City Council. My perspective as a small business owner provides me the foundation for economic development and a unique perspective as to how we can create job opportunities. Growing up in a low-income household with parents who worked in a textile factory, I learned the value of hard work that has kept me grounded and acts as a constant reminder that I will always serve as a voice of the people. My wife, Jenny Beaver deViere, and our families inspire me daily to create a better tomorrow for future generations, a future that will encourage our children to stay here and raise their families. Over the last 15 years, I have worked alongside many of you to make our city better and this shared service provides me the optimism that we all really want the same things for Fayetteville.

Our biggest asset is the people of our city – people who are willing to work together to strengthen our neighborhoods, care for those who are less fortunate, and get involved in changing our city for the better. 

District 2 can lead the transformation our city needs. We have several unique opportunities within our district: higher than average unemployment; the need for development along our riverfront, Murchison Road and across the river in Cedar Creek; better solutions for our homeless; improving recreational centers for our youth and seniors; investment in revitalizing our neighborhoods; and most importantly, prioritizing resources to make our neighborhoods and business districts safer. 

We need people on City Council that can lead this transformation by working alongside the other elected officials and building bridges with key stakeholders in the community who share our vision. We need leaders who will roll up our sleeves, work hard and stand committed to changing the future of Fayetteville. Your decision to support a local candidate shouldn’t be based on your political party affiliation, what neighborhood you live in, or the color of your skin. Your decision should come down to electing the best person that can best serve you and shares your vision for a stronger city. 

As your councilman, no one will work harder than I to earn and keep your trust and lead the transformation of our city. I will not fail you. I ask for your prayers, your support and your vote for me, Kirk deViere, Candidate for District 2 City Council. 


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