And why not? President Barack Obama says: “ISIS is no credible threat.” 


Should he (or we) be concerned that under his watch the massacre in San Bernardino, California, by radical Muslims Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik is being heralded as the most horrific attack on our nation since 9/11? More mystifying is that members of the Democratic party continue to be silently submissive in support of this madness. 

Democrats are smart and sensible people, yet no one bothers to question their party’s ideology or raise even the slightest objections to issues and doctrines mandated by extreme liberal leadership. I think these political lemmings are heading for a cliff where disastrous outcomes are inevitable. Yet nobody speaks. 

Surely, there must be some Democrats that believe allowing 10,000 Syrian refugees into America is not a prudent idea. And, surely there are gun-toting Democrats that believe tighter gun controls will not curb violence or curtail terrorist activities. And surely, there are Democrats out there that don’t agree that curbing global warming is our nation’s number one priority and the best weapon to fight terrorism. 

Why are these people not speaking up? Even as I write this piece, President Obama still stands on his pretention that ISIS is contained, terrorism is not a problem in America and there is no such thing as radical Islam. The problems our nation now faces are not those of a Democratic or Republican party. It’s an overall leadership deficit. 

We must contend with a selfish, self-centered, egotistical and narcissistic government that is losing touch with the American people and losing sight of American ideals. This being said, rest assured that when things get bad enough, the real patriots, the authentic heroes, the real Americans will come forth and we will again lead from the front and the world will follow.

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