As many are planning and anticipating New Year’s celebrations, some of us are looking expectantly at the new year, and what a spectacular new year it will be – especially if our local leadership has the political will and fortitude to carry out the people’s bidding. 

We have so much opportunity for growth here in Fayetteville. But first, we need to define what we, the people, truly want and then, determine how to pay for it. This being the case, I’m hoping the New Year resolutions made by local residents are centered around a sincere effort to become more actively involved in local governance by becoming familiar with and educated about local initiatives and more actively involved in activities that will affect and enhance our quality of life in the 21st century. 

Up & Coming Weekly’s resolution for the new year is to continue to earn the community’s respect and support by promoting and featuring those people and places, businesses and organizations that currently define our community. This is a daunting task in an age where social media is homogenizing communications and minimalizing the brand and unique aspects of the local community. Social media and the lack of a local TV stations make it more challenging for Fayetteville to define itself. That is why we love being your local community newspaper. 

Expect only the best from us in the coming year and know we are here because of you. We will continue to tell Fayetteville’s story. What you read in the following pages cannot collectively be found on the Internet or social media. Nor can it define, brand or grow a business, organization or community. That’s what we do. 

So, the next time you hear someone say, “There is nothing to do in Fayetteville,” just hand him or her an Up & Coming Weekly newspaper. That’s a LIKE and you just FRIENDED us. Who says we can’t adapt? 

Thanks for reading Up & Coming Weekly (offline).


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