Anyone who cares about this community and watches a lot of TV should notice the similarities in the relationship between the City of Fayetteville and Cumberland County as our own local and never ending mini series of Game of Thrones.  

The similarities are astounding, and like the series, everyone wants to be the King of the Seven Kingdoms. Yet, unfortunately, there is only one throne. So, a battle ensues between the self-anointed privileged with everyone eager and willing to engage in a brutal, ruthless and senseless war, where the main rule is that there are no rules. In this war, anything goes. And, like the TV series, while these wannabe kings battle, the citizens of the kingdoms suffer practically unnoticed. Frustrated and helpless, these citizens try to understand as they watch their families suffer and their homes and businesses disintegrate under the burden of needless, self-serving laws, policies and ordinances that favor only the privileged few. Basically, their voices go unheard. 

Unfortunately, in this kind of war, there can be no winners, only losers. In the upcoming weeks we will witness this Game of Thrones-like scenario as city and county powers that be test each other’s will as to who should rule over the kingdom of Fayetteville/Cumberland County. At stake: the quality of life of 310,000 residents. The stakes are high ranging from future parks and recreation facilities to controlling millions of tax dollars. Ironically, the residents of this kingdom see the nature of the conflict in a more simple, humanistic light with truth, honesty, respect and the philosophy of “doing the right things for the right reasons” going a long way in moving this community forward. Let’s all hope that’s what we get in this new fall series of city and county government. After all, in the Game of Thrones, kings have a very short life span and their kingdoms are eventually destroyed. Don’t touch that dial. The season is just beginning.

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