If you have been following the Presidential Election Campaign for the past year, you are probably on election sound bite overload. With nearly hourly updates on the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries; with the Republican debates last Thursday and Democratic debates on Sunday; I have been forced over the edge of exhaustion and frustration and will join the ranks of hundreds of thousands of former Democratic and Republican Party members who have found credence in Groucho Marx’s advice to “Refuse to join any club that would have him as a member.”

For the average American, the polls have concluded that the government of the greatest nation in the world has not only let us down but has abused us. Both parties have grossly misrepresented their constituents, abused their power and ignored, disrespected and trampled upon the Constitution of the United States making the term “law-of-the-land” a joke. 

Americans are worse off now than they have ever been. They are scared, economically depressed and angry with a government that has proven time and time again by word and deed that we just don’t matter. Only they matter. 

This being the case, how can anyone pledge alliance to a politician or political order so brazen, selfish and corrupt? Well, I cannot. Out of protest, I have already pledged not to vote for any incumbent nationally after finding it almost impossible to distinguish who the good guys are. At least, as an Independent voter I can enjoy the fact that I have a choice. A choice without guilt. A choice without compromise. A choice that will allow me to feel that I am not part of the problem, which allows me not to advocate for a dysfunctional government. My choice allows me not to enable that government. It’s not much, but it’s a huge relief to practice my independence.

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