The curtain rises on the new Fayetteville Dinner Theatre’s first stage production in more than 30 years. Why? Because we deserve it. 

That’s right! After all, Fayetteville residents will be going to the polls on March 15 to vote on a $35 million Parks & Rec bond that will provide amenities to enhance our quality of life and give business and industry a reason to come here and stay here. Well, that’s the theory anyway.  We’ll see soon enough. In the meantime, we forge ahead.

Fayetteville declares it wants and deserves the good stuff – at least that’s what we profess. Good theatre, great restaurants, plenty of arts and culture. So, in a town that gets giddy over a new neighborhood BJ ‘s and intoxicated at the smell fresh veggies at the Fresh Market, its time we stop hitting the road to Raleigh, Durham  and Chapel Hill for an elegant meal  and a great show.

The first production of the new dinner theatre is a test to see if we as a community can support goodness in our own hometown. On Feb.12-14, Valentine’s Day weekend, the new Fayetteville Dinner Theatre premieres in our community with A Southern Girl’s Got To Have It. A hilarious comedy written by Charlotte playwright Elaine Alexander (born and raised in Fayetteville). This will be a weekend to remember. 

Each show will include a wine tasting showcasing Lu Mil Vineyards, classic musical entertainment by Kia Walker’s Blue Violin, free gifts for the ladies, door prizes and a special meet and greet with the cast. It will be a very special weekend with a great dinner and three opportunities to enjoy hilarious fun-filled dinner theatre. But, the question remains: Will the community show up to support it? 

It has all the makings of a success; however, there are no guarantees. If we build it, will they come? All indications say they should. But Fayetteville is Fayetteville, so there are no guarantees. If they don’t come, it won’t be because the evening wasn’t spectacular and it will tell us  what we need to know about ourselves and the future of our community. 

This is only the beginning. If this project is successful we will go on to create a jazz venue in Fayetteville. Yes, a real live jazz venue where we can take advantage of the dozens of jazz musicians who travel all over the nation and the world playing their music but have no place to play in their own hometown. 

There is so much opportunity here in Fayetteville and Cumberland County. Do we need amenities? Yes. Do we need a $35 million dollar bond and all it has to offer in quality of life? Yes. Does the community need to come out and support those amenities? Absolutely. 

Thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly. I hope to see you at the theater.

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