One Night Stand Comedy Tour is a laugh-out-loud funny show featuring four talented comedians.  The brilliant men sharing the stage are Kier “Junior” Spates, a new addition to the Steve Harvey Morning Show; Tony Roberts, a multitalented comedian writer, actor and director; Robert Powell, who is known for his political satire and Bill Bellamy, known for his many on-screen performances as well as having his own show in the 90’s.  Bellamy is also featured in the new upcoming film Bounce Back, which will be coming to theatres on March 18. The One Night Stand Comedy Tour hits the Crown stage on Feb. 13.

One of the best aspects of the One Night Stand Comedy Tour is the great mix of talent. Each comedian has their own unique style of comedy. Bellamy describes his own as, “I am outlandishly funny, up close and personal… I go hard to make people laugh.” He also adds that current events have made it into his material. Political candidates and recent feuds on twitter just to name a few. 

As exciting as this comedy tour is for audiences it is equally as fun for performers. “It’s a lot of fun. Comedians come with a lot of good energy. Everybody jokes around and laughs. And the entertainment grind is hard and you’re traveling all the time so it is good to catch up with old friends. Comedians have camaraderie. We don’t have beef like rappers. We are all chill people,” Bellamy explained. 

Bellamy says that he is particularly excited to come perform in Fayetteville. He has performed for the troops on Fort Bragg in the past and was overwhelmed with the positive welcome and enjoyed meeting all the military families and fans. With this past experience in mind he says, “I am excited to come to the city. It is gonna be a good time. A while ago I did a performance on base and I was like ‘wow!’ The love here is incredible the people are so real and so nice.” He has a strong appreciation for his fans and loves connecting with them while on tour both in person and through social media. 

Bellamy’s personal success story is one about courage and risk taking. After graduating from college, he left his more traditional job to pursue his dreams. For him it was a life-changing decision and one he is grateful to have made. “When I was in college I was messing around with comedy. I would do talent shows; host step shows, nothing to really make my career. When I graduated I decided I was going to do comedy in the city. I was at Rutgers at the time. I decided I wanted to figure out how to make this thing work because it looked like fun. One thing led to another and the next thing I know I was performing in clubs with Chris Rock. One lucky break got me on MTV and after that is was like Rock Star. My life changed overnight,” he says.

One Night Stand Comedy Tour will be at the Crown Theatre on Feb. 13. The show starts at 8 p.m. To purchase tickets visit CapeFearTix.com or SteveHarvey.com. For more information visit crowncomplexnc.com or call 910.438.4100. The Crown Complex is located at 1960 Coliseum Dr. Bellamy reminds audience members that the show is coming just in time for Valentine’s Day, and says “don’t come alone!” 

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