A recent (The Fayetteville Observer) newspaper editorial stated there are eight former council members opposed to the Parks and Rec Bond. How soon we forget. Citizens should remember that Robert Massey, Curtis Worthy, Paul Williams, Juanita Gonzalez and Lois Kirby were members of the city council that “inflicted” the Big Bang upon us. It is easy to talk and criticize, but the present council is trying to allow citizens to objectively make informed decisions about the future of Fayetteville. What did they do to enhance significant growth and development for the city? These are the same people who did nothing about broken-down buses and buses catching on fire and a host of other shortcomings while they were in office. Mrs. Applewhite was twice rejected by citizens as mayor because of her views. Jerry Reinoehl was rejected by the citizens of District #1 for city council. Former Councilman Don Talbot was angry because he wasn’t appointed to the NC State Veterans Park Commission. He then sent an email to council stating no one on council knew anything about the military, when in fact there were four retirees on council, each with more than twenty years of military service: Applewhite, Bates, Mohn and Crisp. The naysayers are going on radio and are visiting community watch meetings trying to convince citizens to vote against the bond package. Here is my point: The present council has vision to improve this city, but the ultimate decision is for the citizens to decide on the bond. As I visit groups I answer their questions factually in order to allow citizens to make their own informed decisions on March 15. FAYETTEVILLE FORWARD, FAYETTEVILLE STRONG.

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